MUT 21 The 50: B. Sanders, K. Mawae, and L. Taylor

For Week 15 and the final release of 'The 50', EA has released Barry Sanders, Kevin Mawae, and Lawrence Taylor. Sanders is an Elusive Back HB with 94 SPD, 97 ACC, 97 COD, and a 94 rating in SPM, JKM, BCV, and BTK. Mawae is an Agile Center Archetype with noteworthy ratings of 96 RBK, 96 RBF, 95 RBP, and 95 LBK. Lawrence "L.T." Taylor is a Power Rusher OLB with 92 SPD, 95 ACC, 95 PMV, 94 PUR, 92 FMV, and 92 POW ratings. With his combination of power and speed, I would expect to see Lawrence Taylor coming at your QB off the edge a lot more in the near future. Check out all of today's new players, sets, and challenges below:

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There are 3 versions of each player from this week's 'The 50' release, a Stacked version (96 OVR), a Fresh version (86 OVR), and a Power Up item. You can exchange Fresh versions in Sets to receive Stacked versions of 'The 50' players.


The following new sets can be found in MUT under 'The 50' in the Sets section:

  • Barry Sanders - Exchange any 32x 86+ Fresh Players to earn 96 OVR Stacked Barry Sanders and his Power Up.
  • Kevin Mawae - Exchange any 32x 86+ Fresh Players to earn 96 OVR Stacked Kevin Mawae and his Power Up.
  • Lawrence Taylor - Exchange any 32x 86+ Fresh Players to earn 96 OVR Stacked Lawrence Taylor and his Power Up.



Weekly 50

Play moments from the careers of this week's players that were selected for 'The 50'. If you have already earned the 94 possible Stars from Weeks 1-14, you can earn a NAT Stacked Player from Weeks 8-15 by completing the following 6 challenges:

  • The 50 Week 15 - 6 Challenges, 3,000 Coins, 6 Stars possible


Now that the entire program has been released, what are your thoughts on 'The 50'?