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LTDS - D'Andre Swift and Kendall Fuller

LTD Thursday is here (along with a Title Update...let me know what you guys think of the TU). These items are available for 48 hours and have a quicksell value of 250k coins. On the offensive side of the ball, we get a former Georgia Bulldog who is a bright spot on a rough season in Detroit. D'Andre Swift is a LTD in the game of Madden 22. Swift is an Elusive Back with 92 SPD, 95 ACC, 93 AGI, and 92 COD.

Defensively, the WFT defense (who seems to be rounding in to form a little more) gets one …


WCW - Veteran IV

Willllllllllllllldcard Wednesday is upon us once again and this week we have the Veterans program getting more players. A reminder that Veterans get all team chems of teams that they played for without the need for a Power Up card so you are welcome for saving you those precious $5k coins! Let me know if any of these goons are going to make your squad. The players this week are Carlos "Santana" Dunlap II, Lavonte "Goliath Defeater" David, Teddy "Too Many Gloves" Bridgewater, Kyle "The Red Nosed" Ruldoph, and Tyson "Chicken" Alualu. Veterans Player Packs are available in the store …


TOTW Week 12

Week 12 is in the books and...who are the good teams? You know who isn't good...THE DAMN BROWNS! Sorry, long weekend. Another edition of Team of the Week and we start things off with our Player of the Week, Patrick Surtain II. Coming off of a 2 INT, 1 TD game, Surain has 93 SPD, 94 ACC, 93 AGI, 94 MCV and 93 ZCV. The LTD (available for 24 hours) is Jason Pierre-Paul (no firework jokes here). JPP is a Speed Rusher OLB with 89 SPD, 94 ACC, 87 BSH, and 95 FMV.

The offensive hero for this week is …


Bo Knows Legends II

Bo Knows Legends Part II and I've heard nothing but people saying how powerful these items are in Madden 22. Well, we have 4 more of these beasts into the game and I know this first one is gonna drive players crazy. Welcome to Madden 22 the former Viking Randall "Not That Guy From Recess" Cunningham. Cunningham is an Improviser archetype with (checks notes) 93 SPD?!?!! He also has 94 THP, 94 RUN, and 91 TUP. The other offensive player released with this batch is former Pittsburgh Steeler WR Lynn "Graceful as a" Swann. Swann is a Route Runner archetype …


Wildcard Wednesday - Heavyweights III

Beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, ram, hogs, dogs....we all becoming heavyweights tomorrow!! It's Wildcard Wednesday and we get some more of the big dogs into Madden NFL 22 with the Heavyweights program. A reminder that you can find these players in the Heavyweights Player Packs (10,200 Training) which has a random 91+ Heavyweights Player. Let me just dust off the ol Nick Mizesko Nickname Machine...its been idle while I had pneumonia and was out of town. Let me just...ok its plugged in. This weeks players include Erik "The Real" McCoy, Quinnen "The Big Q" Williams, Frank "The Tank" Clark, Trent …


TOTW Week 11

Give me a T.....Give me an O.....Give me...You get it it's TOTW time again. Another weird week in the NFL. Are there any great teams this year or are there a lot of good teams with fatal flaws?

Nonetheless, you know who is really good? Jonathan Taylor, who for the second time this year is your Player of the Week. Taylor, off his 5 TD performance, gets 93 SPD, 92 ACC, 93 AGI, and 93 COD (or +1 ratings boost if you already have the item). The LTD this week is the Spike man himself, Robert Gronkowskerus. Gronk has 89 …


Bo Knows Legends I

Who Knows? Bo Knows! We have a new Monday program in Madden 22 called the Bo Knows Legends Program. These legends will drop every Monday and each player includes an 82 overall PU, and 85 OVR Bo Knows version, and a 94 OVR. You can exchange 30x 85 OVR Bo Knows Players to get each of the Bo Knows Legends in their respective sets (as well as his PUP item). Check out the first release of players below!



Legends - Keyshawn Johnson and Richard Seymour

Apologies on no Harvest article yesterday, I unfortunately have pneumonia right now so combine that with an EA broadcast schedule and its been a long couple days. Hoping to be back at 100% and have content back at 100% after the Thanksgiving holiday so again, thanks for all your patience!

Legends today are in the game and we start on the offensive side with one of the most reliable receivers to play the game Keyshawn Johnson. The former USC Trojan is a Route Runner WR rocking 93 SPD, 92 ACC, 93 JMP, and 94 SPC. He has 93 in Mid …

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