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Madden 21 Stimulus Package Solos (Coming Tomorrow)

Due to Solo Battles being down for the first couple weeks of MUT and everyone missing out on some much-needed reward opportunities, EA is releasing a new string of Solo Challenges tomorrow that will reward some packs you would normally get from Solo Battle Rewards. For these challenges, you will take on 9 of the top-performing teams from week 1 of the NFL season in full games. You will be rewarded with Training Points and Packs as you progress through the games. These challenges will expire at 10:30 AM ET on 9/25. Check out the reward list below …


Ultimate Kickoff Part II and New LTDs (Ward, Rodgers, and Adams)

Part II of the Ultimate Kickoff Program released today, featuring new NFC Solo Challenges, House Rules, and LTD player items. Below is a breakdown of everything new in MUT today with Part II:

For Ultimate Kickoff Part I information, Click Here.

LTD Players

The following new player items all discard for 250,000 Coins and can be found in packs for a limited-time (until 9/19 at 10 AM ET):


The following new Solo Challenges and House Rules are available with Part II of the Ultimate Kickoff Program:

Ultimate Kickoff Solos

In Part …


Madden NFL 21 Title Update - September 16th

A new Title Update was released today for Madden NFL 21 and most notably, it addresses the MUT Squads shotgun issue. Below is a list of fixes and changes from today's latest Title Update:

  • MUT Squads: Addressed an issue when MUT Squad Roles are not being respected properly when performing certain pass plays
  • MUT Squads: Addressed an issue when on Fake Kick run plays the MUT Squad Roles were not being respected properly
  • Addressed an issue when two users on offense cannot pass the ball after a handoff on RPO Peeks and Reads
  • Addressed additional visual issues with player uniforms …

Wildcard Wednesday Heavyweights: Tunsil, Incognito, and more

Wildcard Wednesday is a new weekly program this year that focuses on new player items from previous year's programs. The theme for this week's release is Heavyweights and we have an entire new O-Line to highlight. Laremy Tunsil, Richie Incognito, Brandon Linder, Kevin Zeitler, and Lane Johnson have all been released and can be found on the Auction House or by purchasing an 89 OVR Heavyweights Player pack from the Store that costs 3,800 Training Points. Heavyweights Player packs contain 1x random Heavyweights Player item. Each of today's Heavyweights discards for 3,600 Training Points. Check out the new …


Team of the Week 1 - MUT 21

Team of the Week 1 is live! If you've been playing Madden Ultimate Team for years, you're going to notice some pretty dramatic changes to the TOTW program this year. Here's an overview of what's changing:

Offense/Defense Heroes are now from past seasons
This week's Offense/Defense Heroes are Arian Foster and Bryant Young. These are players that are no longer in the league. Think of TOTW Heroes this season as flashbacks to dominant performances in the past.

The Player of the Week is a top performer from the current week
This week's Player of the Week is Davante …


Derwin James vs. The World and King of the Hill

Tonight is the premiere of a brand new stream series from EA that will feature Madden pros, NFL athletes, and Derwin James taking on a variety of celebrities in Madden 21. Every Tuesday night will feature a stream split into two parts: King of the Hill and Derwin James vs. The World. Here is tonight's schedule:

8:00 PM ET: Boogz vs. Kiv
9:00 PM ET: Henry Ruggs III vs. AJ Terrell
10:00 PM ET: Derwin James vs. Lil Baby

You can catch everything live on Twitch at

Even if watching live Madden on Twitch …


Madden Live Schedule | 9/14 - 9/20

Madden Live is an EA Partnership program that features some of the community's top Twitch streamers with Twitch Drops enabled during their streams. Twitch Drops are free packs that can be earned simply by watching EA approved streams at special times. Each Twitch Drop contains 6x Silver or better player items and Gold/Elite player items while rare, are possible to get from these packs. Keep in mind, even unlucky packs can always be discarded for Training Points! You do not have to be following the streamer or engage in chat to be eligible to receive your free Drop packs …


MUT 21 Legends: John Lynch and Tony Gonzalez

Today's newest Legends entering MUT 21 are John Lynch and Tony Gonzalez. Lynch is a legendary safety who played 15 seasons in the NFL for the Bucs and Broncos. He is making his debut in Madden Ultimate Team this year and is the current GM for the San Francisco 49ers. His LTD item and fully powered up Boss Edition have notable ratings of 87 SPD, 92 POW, 91 PRC, 90 PUR, and 90 TAK.

Gonzalez played 17 seasons in the NFL at tight end for the Chiefs and Falcons. He holds multiple NFL records and is considered by many to …


MUT 21: Ultimate Kickoff Program (Master B. Jones and LTD B. Cooks)

The NFL season kicks off tonight with the Texans facing off against the Chiefs and to celebrate, EA has released the Ultimate Kickoff Program, featuring Master Byron Jones and LTD Brandin Cooks! A new currency (Footballs) has been added to MUT for this program and can be used to purchase Ultimate Kickoff players and Team Performance Tokens in the Store (Details under "Store"). Below is everything you need to know regarding this year's Ultimate Kickoff Program:


Master Byron Jones can be acquired by finishing his set (Details under "Sets"). LTD Brandin Cooks can be found in Packs from now …


Gridiron Notes: Welcome Back, Kap!

Colin Kaepernick makes his return to Madden NFL today as one of the top Free Agents available in-game with an 81 OVR rating. Kap can be assigned to any NFL team in Franchise, as well as used in the Play Now Mode.

To view the EA Gridiron Notes used for today's article, Click Here.


Once you begin a new Franchise, you can sign Kaepernick by navigating to the Free Agent menu and sorting by the QB position. Because this is Franchise Mode, you will have the ability to adjust Kap's ratings however you see fit. When starting your …


MUT 21 Legends: Bo Jackson and Junior Seau

For today's Legend release, we have Chargers icon Junior Seau and one of the greatest pure athletes of all-time, Bo Jackson! Seau played 20 seasons at Linebacker in the NFL for the Chargers, Dolphins, and Patriots. His LTD item and fully powered up Boss Edition both have notable ratings of 86 SPD, 91 TAK, 91 PRC, 90 BSH, and 90 POW. Bo Jackson played 4 seasons in the NFL with the Raiders before a hip injury cut his exciting football career short in 1991. Bo's LTD item and fully powered up Boss Edition have notable ratings of 92 SPD, 91 …


Gridiron Notes: Franchise Updates Coming to Madden NFL 21

A new Gridiron Notes article went live yesterday and provides an update regarding future updates specific to franchise mode. Three franchise mode updates are being planned for this season, with the first being targeted for mid-November. The goal for future updates is to implement changes that do not require users to restart an existing franchise since many leagues will most likely be far along by that point.

To view the full Gridiron Notes used for today's article, Click Here.

Current plans for the first update to franchise mode addresses the following requests from the community (changes possible before release):

  • X-Factor …

MUT 21: Superstar MVPs Part II

Part II of the Superstar MVPs Program was released this morning, featuring Masters Ezekiel Elliott, Myles Garrett, and LTD Julio Jones! For those who may have missed Part I, Superstar MVPs is a great chance for new players to familiarize themselves with X-Factors, while also giving MUT veterans the chance to earn Masters and Power Ups. Below is a breakdown of all the new Players, Sets, Challenges, and Store items introduced into Ultimate Team with Part II:

To view Part I of the Superstar MVPs Program, Click Here.


Masters Ezekiel Elliott and Myles Garrett can be acquired by finishing …


MUT 21: Alternate Playbooks

Alternate Playbooks are back in Madden Ultimate Team! Alternate Playbooks can be found under the "Training" tab of the Store and cost 250 Training Points each. The packs are Fantasy Packs, so you will get the option to select the Alternate Offensive or Defensive Playbook you want. The easiest way to get Training Points is by discarding player items. Higher overall players will discard for more TP than lower ones. Below is a list of all the Alternate Playbook options available:

Alternate Offense

Alternate …


MUT 21 Legends: L. Allen, M. Anderson, and R. Woodson

Three new Legends were released in MUT today: Larry Allen, Morten Anderson, and Rod Woodson. Larry Allen is a legendary right guard who played for the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers during his 14 seasons in the NFL. His MUT item is Power Archetype and excels most in run blocking with 89 RBK, 89 RBP, and 86 RBF ratings. Morten "Great Dane" Anderson was an NFL kicker who played a combined 26 NFL seasons with 6 different teams. His MUT item currently makes him the most powerful kicker available in Madden Ultimate Team with 88 KPW and 85 KAC …


MUT 21: How to Get Coach John Madden

Coach John Madden made his return to the store in MUT 21 today and is usually a must-have item for any serious Ultimate Team player. Coach Madden can be found under the "Competitive" tab of the Store and can be acquired for 20 Series 1 Trophies. There are currently 5 Coach Madden Collectibles available that each cost 600 Series 1 Trophies. Additional Collectibles are typically released throughout the year during each new Series. These Collectibles are used to upgrade Coach Madden's Chemistry slots and give boosts to all players of the same chemistry on your team (in previous years it …


Gridiron Notes: Madden NFL 21 September Title Update

Today's latest edition of Gridiron Notes focuses on Title Update #2 that went live on launch day (8/28), and what's being worked on for upcoming Title Update #3 (target date around 9/10).

To view the full EA Gridiron Notes for today's article, Click Here.

Last Friday (8/28) Launch Day Updates

  • Face of the Franchise
    • Resolved an issue in Face of the Franchise Legacy where the Player Archetype players chosen in certain sequences did not follow them into the NFL
    • A number of soft-locks were fixed
    • Resolved a very rare issue where the user’s avatar skin tone …

MUT 21 Legends: Rice, Marino, Bettis, and more

The Legends Program returned to Ultimate Team today in a big way with eight Legends being released at once! The Boss version of each player can be earned by completing their corresponding set, which requires all 5 non-Boss Legend versions. The Power Up version of each Legend can be earned by completing their Legends Release 1 Solo Challenge. Dan Marino's Boss Edition is the first QB in MUT this year that can get the Hot Route Master Superstar Ability. Check out all the new Player items, Sets, and Challenges below:

Steve Atwater


Good Morning Madden Updates

Good Morning Madden returned today on the EAMaddenNFL Twitch Channel with some updates to frequently asked questions regarding the launch of MUT 21. Agent K touched on a variety of topics in today's episode. Below you will find a brief summary of what was covered:

To watch the rebroadcast of today's episode of GMM, Click Here.


EA is aware of the menu slowness issue and working on speeding things up a bit. Some platforms may have seen a bit more speed recently. Future title updates may contain additional fixes in this area.


If you have not received …


MUT 21: Superstar MVPs Program

We're just hours away from the global release of Madden NFL 21 and we already have our first program of the year for Ultimate Team, Superstar MVPs featuring Masters Lamar Jackson, Tyrann Mathieu, and LTD Rob Gronkowski! Today's Program is a great chance for new players to familiarize themselves with X-Factors, while also giving seasoned MUT veterans the chance to earn powerful Masters and Power Ups. Below you will find everything you need to know about the Superstar MVPs Program, starting with the player items and their ratings:


Masters Lamar Jackson and Tyrann Mathieu can be acquired by finishing …


FNF $10k Tournament of Champions- Powered by Dunkin'

What better way to kick off the beginning of Madden NFL 21 than Muthead's very first Friday Night Football "Tournament of Champions" sponsored by Dunkin'? Tune in this Friday night on the MutheadTV Twitch channel to see some of FNF's best previous champions compete in a Reg Team, single elimination tournament on the newly released Madden NFL 21 for their share of a $10,000 prize pool! Players will only be able to select a team once during the tournament, so you can expect to see a variety of teams used. There will also be giveaways during the broadcast, including …


Madden NFL 21 Championship Series Info Released

The Madden NFL 21 Championship Series was announced today by @MaddenLeagueOps on Twitter! Three events have been confirmed for the Madden 21 season, with the first being the Club Championship. The Madden NFL Challenge and Madden NFL 21 Bowl have been confirmed as events #2 and #3, respectively, with details coming at a later date.

The Madden NFL 21 Club Championship is an online qualification tournament that is narrowed down to 1 champion representing each NFL team (32 players total). After the field has been whittled down to the top 32, players will compete head to head for the largest …


MUT 21: Level Rewards Breakdown

As you play more and more games in Madden Ultimate Team, you will continuously increase your MUT Level and earn rewards. Currently, the highest level you can reach is MUT Level 50. However, new levels and rewards will be added as the MUT year progresses.

Level Challenges and Level Master Tokens are used to increase the OVR of Level Master Andre Johnson. You receive the +4 OVR Collectible needed to take Johnson from 75-79 OVR by completing the Level Challenges unlocked at MUT Level 7.

Power Up Passes are used to bypass item requirements needed to increase the overall rating …


MUT 21: How to Get a Free 85 OVR Lamar Jackson

If you're looking for a solid starting QB for your MUT team, look no further than 85 OVR Lamar Jackson! All you need to do in order to add 85 OVR Lamar to your Ultimate Team is score 5 total touchdowns in Superstar KO mode. Considering the stats for this item are similar to Lamar's Core Elite item and it's very easy to obtain, this is a great way to get your team headed in the right direction early on. You will have approximately 16 days from now to earn 85 OVR Lamar Jackson before the offer expires. This item …


MUT 21: Loyalty Rewards

If you have played Madden in the past three years, you may have Loyalty Rewards waiting in Madden Ultimate Team 21! If you played Madden 18, 19, or 20 during the season in which they were released, you will receive a Madden Loyalty Reward Pack with 6 player options when you first sign into MUT 21. If you played all 3 previous years, you will get to select 3 of the 6 players. If you played during any 2 of the 3 years, you will get to select 2 of the 6 players. If you only played during 1 of …

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