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Ultimate Legends: George, Brooks, and Gates

Happy weekend MUTHead family! We got some Ultimate Legends released into the game today that I'm excited for because I'm a biased human being who enjoys seeing his team represented. You may be asking yourself, "Nick, first of all, we know that. Second of all, there are no Cleveland Browns today you dingus!" Fear not my friends because I have many personal biases that EA can take my money for...because our first legend into the game today is not only a former Tennessee Titan, but he is a Heisman Trophy winner from THE Ohio State University, Mr. Edward Nathan George …

series 6.PNG

Series 6 Update and New Team Builders

Apologies that this article is a tad late, I got my COVID vaccine the other day (yay) and it kicked my Community Manager butt (boo). Good news is the Series 6 update is live in Madden Ultimate Team with a lot of new changes and additions. All Series 5 trophies have converted to Series 6 trophies for half value (e.g. 100 Series 5 trophies -> 50 Series 6 trophies). The maximum MUT level has been increased to 99, with the following rewards:

Level 91- Store Offer

Level 92- UL Fantasy Pack

Level 93- Power Up Pass (98) & Level Up …


LTDS- Chris Godwin and Ryan Kerrigan

Its time for some more LTD's in the game of John Madden Football, and we have ourselves some strong items live right now. On offense, how about a defending Super Bowl Champion? That's right, it's former Penn State Nittany Lion Chris Godwin coming to the game. Standing at 6'1", Godwin comes into the game with 96 SPD (so that'll be a 99 with chems), 99 CTH, and 97 CIT. He has great hands and can make some specatactular plays. Defensively, the Washington Football Team gets some more defensive love (as if they needed it), with former Purdue Boilermaker Ryan Kerrigan. …


Wildcard Wednesday- Flashbacks

Listen, we all need to look ahead to the future. At the end of the day, however, it is important to look back and appreciate what we had. There's your deep thought for the day, appreciate the past my friends.

Speaking of looking to the past, it's Wildcard Wednesday and we got some Flashbacks!!! I'm a big fan of these Wildcard Wednesdays because it seems like we always get surprised by at least one of the items that gets released. This week, we got 5 new items into the game, including TE Jimmy Graham and one part of the best …


Ultimate Legends: Williams, Matthews, and Bell

Another legendary weekend is on the horizon, as it is time once again for EA to release more Ultimate Legends!! This week, we start things off with a player who spent his entire career with the Houston Oiler/Tennessee Titan organization (impressive feat for any player). He is a former USC Trojan and a beast on the offensive line: Mr. Bruce Matthews. At the anchor position of Center, he comes in with 94 STR, 97 PBK, and 98 RBK as an Agile archetype. On defense, the secondary gets some reinforcements with longtime Cardinal and St. Louis Ram, CB Aeneas Williams. The …


Sugar Rush Program Part 2

I hope you all have a sweet tooth, because we have the second part of the Sugar Part Program live in the game now! If you want more details on the program itself, check out my previous article: Sugar Rush Program - Madden News | Muthead . Remember that missions end April 6 at 10 am ET and eggs hatch on Easter (April 4th). Keep collecting and check out the new items below!





LTDS- Alvin Kamara and Benardrick McKinney

It's time once again for another two LTDs to be added into Ultimate Team, and good lord Alvin Kamara is a beast. Seriously, the former Tennessee Volunteer has appeared and made himself what I think is the best HB in the game. He has 96 SPD, 97 ACC, 98 AGI, and 97 COD...he basically has Human Joystick without needing the ability. And now it is time for a new segment called, Nick's Fun Fact of the Day!!! Today's fun fact: Alvin Kamara's agent has the greatest name in the world; Damarius Bilbo. I will be naming my first child Damarious …


Wildcard Wednesdays- Power Ups

Like Popeye eating spinach, we are getting powered up for Wildcard Wednesday! Today, EA released a bunch of PUPs for some of your favorite players. A total of 15 players getting a much needed Power Up, including Jared Cook, Isaiah Simmons, and Justin Herbert! These are available not only in training variety packs, but there are some Power Up solo challenges as well! Check out all the players listed below, with their former teams!


Sugar Rush Program

So my choices of music references for the Sugar Rush program were either I Want Candy or that SugarCrash TikTok song. I'm a 31 year old man who decided those were the two references I could come up with...coooooool. The Sugar Rush program is live in Ultimate Team and there is A LOT of information to parse through. I captured as much info as I could from the GMM stream and tried to put it in bullet point form. Let me know in the comments if it is too much or too little information, and what needs to be added …


LTDS- Brian Poole and Ryan Kelly

Happy Thursday to everyone in the MUTHead community! It is LTD time and we have two beasts coming to the game of John Madden Football. Defensively, we have current New York Jet and former Florida Gator Brian Poole. I've seen a lot of people on Twitter talking about how good this 98 OVR cornerback looks, ratings wise. He comes in with 96 SPD, 97 ACC, 97 MCV, and 95 ZCV, which certainly put him in the upper echelon of all defensive packs in Ultimate Team. Offensively, we need to protect the quarterback from those angry pass rushers. How about we …


Wildcard Wednesday- Veterans: RGIII, Josh Norman, and More!

To misquote the words of the immortal Bruce Springsteen, we're born to be wiiiiiiiildcaaaaard (thank you I'll be here all week). It is Wildcard Wednesday once again and we got some grizzled veterans coming to Madden Ultimate Team. Veterans are unique because they can change team chemistry to any NFL team they played a snap for without a Power Up! You can find today's Veterans on the Auction House or by purchasing the 89+ Veterans Player pack from the Store for 6,000 Training Points. Veterans Player packs contain 1x random 89+ OVR Veterans Player item and each of today's new …


Ultimate Legends: Favre, Banks, and Evans

Hey guys...depressed Ohio State fan and Muthead CM Nick here. After spending the night after FNF hiding under my desk with a bottle of Jack, I remembered the one thing that would get me through this dark time in my life...Ultimate....LEGENDS! GET HYPED PEOPLE (DJ Airhorn)! We have 3 awesome legends that released today. The LTD UL is Super Bowl Champion and Saint stahlwart RG Jahri Evans. If you are looking to shore up your offensive line, grab Evans while you can. He's rocking a 94 STR rating, 97 PBK/RBK, with a 99 RBF rating. Running the ball, pass the …


Team Diamonds!

In the words of the great philosopher Rihanna, "Shine bright like a Team Diamond." I love the Team Diamonds because no matter who you are collecting or who you are rooting for, you get somebody! It's like a 98 OVR participation ribbon. Let's dive in, starting with who exactly is representing each team:

Team Diamonds 2.0:


LTDs- Golden Tate and DJ Reader

Thirsty Thursday is here and I know all you MUT fans are thirsty for some LTDs! We got 2 studs coming to the game, starting with former Giant, Seahawk, and Lion (and sought after free agent) Golden Tate. Tate comes in stock with 95 SPD and 97 SRR, so he can run those quick off the line routes. While maybe not the flashiest WR, there are certainly some theme teams that would love to add Golden Great. On defense, how about former Clemson Tiger and current Cincinnati Bengal DJ Reader. A beast on the line, Reader comes in with 95 …


Wildcard Wednesday- Campus Heroes and Drew Brees Tribute

TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA! Happy Saint Patty's Day to everyone out there and a happy WILDCARD WEDNESDAY to you as well! Today, we got some Campus Heroes power ups released and a Drew Brees Tribute item. I am a big fan of the Campus Heroes program as a college football fan. These may not be the most exciting releases in the world (since these items already have their team chemand you can only get these players to a 96) but I still love reminicing about these guys playing on Saturdays. Power ups were added for the following players: …


MUT- Free Agency Program

Free Agency is one of the most exciting times in the NFL, and now that excitement live in Madden Ultimate Team! This program features some of the biggest stars who hit the free agent market this season (although some weren't on the market too long). The set features 18 players (6 heroes) and 2 additional masters, bringing the total to 20 items you can collect. The defensive master is none other than former Wisconsin Badger and Houston Texan turned Arizona Cardinal JJ Watt (seriously, who saw Watt going to the desert??). The offensive master is former Mississippi State Bulldog and …


Ultimate Legends: Revis, Shockey, and Walker (oh my)

Saturday night might be alright for fighting (sorry to all of you who are too young for that reference) but Saturday morning is all about the LEGENDS! The UL Program dropped some fire today, starting off with one of the most feared CB's, longtime New York Jet and former Pitt Panther Darrelle Revis. His 98 OVR legend comes stock with 95 spd, 98 MCV, and 98 PRS so with your chems he'll have 99s a plenty. The offense needed some love today, so former Miami Hurricane and TE Legend Jeremy Shockey makes his appearance in Madden NFL 21. While not …


Limited Time Editions: Tyler Lockett and Danielle Hunter

Give me an L! Give me a T! Give me know what it's my first week and I don't need that sort of publicity. ITS LTD THURSDAY Y'ALL!! We got two fantastic additions to your teams, starting off with someone who I think is overlooked, former Kansas State Wildcat Tyler Lockett. 95 SPD rating and a 97 DRR rating show that he is a deep threat and one to look out for. The defense adds an absolute beast LTD as well, with longtime Minnesota Viking and former LSU Tiger Danielle Hunter. No mistake this man is quick on the …

Shaq Mason.jpg

Wildcard Wednesday Heavyweights

It's Wildcard Wednesday and its time to appreciate the big boys. That's right, the Heavyweights add a couple more trench warriors to Ultimate Team, including Patriot OL stalwart Shaq Mason and 2018 Pro Bowler Dee Ford! Also in the mix are FB Anthony Sherman, RT Rob Havenstein and DT Eddie Goldman that will surely shore up your MUT Team. These items can be found in the Auction house, and they are live in 89+ Heavyweights Player packs, which cost 6k training to purchase. Check them out with their former teams listed below!


Competitive Madden Recap- Week of 3/1

Hello from your Muthead CM! Each week I will be recapping the ins and outs of the Competitive Madden Community, highlighting the big moments and the main storylines. Without further ado, lets get started!

Friday Night Football brought some midweek magic, as it eminated on a Wednesday due to the Yard Invitational (more on that in a bit). Boogz and Stiff called the action, as the first couple rounds were fairly chalk. As we made our way to the final four, we had 3 of the usual suspects (Gos, Drini, Cleff) all of whom have had success recently in FNF. …

Hello From Your New CM!

Hi friends,

For those who don't know me, my name is Nick Mizesko and I am the new Community Manager for Muthead. I have been working as a Play-by-Play commentator for Muthead's Friday Night Football for over 2 years now and am excited to continue onward in this new role. I wanted to write a quick article to answer a few questions I have seen and introduce myself to those who don't know me.

My goal as the Community Manager is to continue providing you, the Muthead community, with the latest news and notes in the Madden Ultimate Team world, …

Muthead Community Manager Update

We are excited to announce tonight that Nick Mizesko will be joining Muthead as the new Community Manager, effective immediately.

It is impossible to replace Rocketz and Wizzle, but we are beyond thrilled to have someone like Nick, who is extremely passionate about Muthead and fully committed to growing the community. We are working to get Nick up and running as soon as possible so he can start bringing you all the latest updates and news for MUT.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we get Nick set up here at Muthead.


Ultimate Legends: J. Thorpe, D. Thomas, and LTD A. Cromartie

After debuting last Saturday with 10 solid players, the Ultimate Legends Program is back strong again this week with Olympic gold medalist Jim Thorpe, Derrick Thomas, and LTD Antonio Cromartie. The Canton Bulldogs and Rock Island Independents theme teams receive a much-needed upgrade today with Jim Thorpe and his 95 SPD, 98 AGI, 97 ACC, 97 BTK, and 96 TRK ratings. Chiefs great Derrick Thomas gets a nice upgrade over his Most Feared item with a 97 OVR Career Edition boasting ratings of 92 SPD, 97 PMV, 96 FMV, and 95 BSH. Finally, MUT legend Antonio Cromartie receives an LTD …


MUT Series 5 and New Team Builders

Series 5 in Madden Ultimate Team begins today, featuring new level rewards, master upgrades, players, sets, challenges, and missions! The maximum MUT level has been increased from 80 to 90 and all Series 4 Trophies have been converted to Series 5 Trophies (100 S4 Trophies=50 S5 Trophies). A new Collectible for Coach Madden can be found in the Store for 600 Series 5 Trophies (9 total). Check out everything new with Series 5 in MUT below:

Level Rewards

The following rewards are unlocked at each MUT level:

Level 81- Exclusive Store Offers. Level 81 Premium Legends Fantasy. Cost=400 Points. Limit …


MUT 21 - Black History Month Part 2: Doug Williams

In honor of Black History Month, EA is celebrating the achievements of a Black NFL icon each week throughout the month of February (12th, 19th, and 26th). Each week, play Challenges to earn a 90 OVR version of the featured player. Complete all 3 weeks to earn a 95 OVR version of any of the featured players.

To view week 1 of the Black History Month Program, Click Here.

This week's featured player is Doug Williams, who was the Super Bowl XXII MVP and the first Black quarterback to both start and win a Super Bowl. He also worked …

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