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Legends: Terrell Owens and Howie Long

Get your popcorn ready because Terrell Owens is making his return to Madden Ultimate Team! Standing 6'3'' with 89 speed and 90 jumping, expect Owens to create match up nightmares for opposing secondaries. Joining T.O. as this week's other new legend is Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame defensive end, Howie Long.

Terrell Owens

Howie Long

The Power Up version of each player can be earned …


MUT 10: Julius Peppers

After 17 NFL seasons, 9 Pro Bowl selections, and a well-known Madden career; Julius Peppers is back in Ultimate Team. He can be found in packs now until Monday 9/16 at 10 am ET. Be sure to complete his limited-time solo challenge before it expires Monday morning to earn his Power Up item and MUT 10 Collectible.

If you need a refresher, click the following for an overview of the MUT 10th Anniversary Program.

Will Peppers be making an appearance on your defensive line?


Veterans: Mike Adams and Jared Cook

EA released two new player items today in the MUT 20 Veterans Program. You can view both new items and their ratings below:

If you are looking to add Adams or Cook to your Ultimate Team, they can be found on the Auction House or by purchasing a Veterans Pack for 930 Training in the store. Each Veterans Pack contains 1 random Veteran player item. For a full list of Veterans currently in circulation, click here.


Madden 20 Power Rankings: 9/12

Last week, we released our first ever competitive Madden power rankings. We plan to update and publish our power rankings every week for the top 25 players based on performances in relevant competitive Madden events.

Keep in mind that there are many top Madden players that don't regularly play in significant events outside of the MCS majors. Because of that, we have no meaningful way to include them in our power rankings if they didn't have a strong performance at the Madden Classic. If your favorite player isn't on our list, that's likely why.

Let's get to the rankings:

1 …


MUT 20: Ultimate Kickoff Program and Signature Series

The Ultimate Kickoff Program made it's return to MUT today. The Program features some of the game's top players as Ultimate Kickoff Masters. Continue reading for an overview and to view all new player items released:

Ultimate Kickoff Masters

In order to acquire the following Ultimate Kickoff Masters, you must complete the corresponding player set that requires 120 Ultimate Kickoff Collectibles.

Ultimate Kickoff Collectibles can be earned through completing challenges or found in packs.

Seasonal Performers

A new element of the Ultimate Kickoff Program this year is the addition of Seasonal Performers …


Madden 20 Title Update- September 12th

There was a 625+ MB Title Update released today with quite a few gameplay fixes and improvements. Here are the full patch notes from EA:

Key Highlights

  • Colts WR TY Hilton has been upgraded to a Superstar X-Factor to replace former Colts QB Andrew Luck, who recently retired. Here’s a quick breakdown of TY Hilton’s abilities:
    • RAC ‘em Up - When in the zone, wins RAC catches vs. single coverage
    • Double Move Elite - Higher chance of success when running double-move routes
    • Route Technician - Quicker cuts while running routes
    • DEV NOTE: These X-Factor updates will only impact franchises created after …

Heavyweights: Jerry Hughes and Demar Dotson

Two new player items were added to the MUT20 Heavyweights Program this morning. Check below for the new players and their ratings:

Heavyweights can be found on the Auction House or by purchasing a Heavyweights Pack in the store for 1,780 Training that will give you 1 random Heavyweight player item. For a full list of Heavyweights, click here.

Will Hughes or Dotson find their way into your squad?


MUT 20 Team of the Week 1: L. Jackson, C.J. Mosley, and LTD S. Watkins

With Week 1 of the NFL Regular Season in the books, EA has released Team of the Week 1 to highlight this week's exceptional player performances. This week's Limited player is Sammy Watkins. His item is only in packs until Thursday, 9/12 at 10 am ET and is not Power Up eligible. The Team of the Week Heroes are C.J. Mosley and Lamar Jackson. You can view all of the TOTW players and their full ratings below:


Defense …


Flashbacks: Jason Verrett and LeSean McCoy

The Flashbacks Program added a pair of new player items today with Jason Verrett and LeSean McCoy. Check out the new items and their ratings below:

Flashbacks can be acquired from the Auction House or by purchasing a Flashbacks Pack in the store for 1,780 Training that will give you 1 random Flashback player item. Click the following for a full list of Flashbacks.

What are your thoughts on today's new items and their ratings?


Legends: Brian Dawkins and Gale Sayers

With the Free Safety position needing a much needed boost, what better way to upgrade it than by adding "Weapon X", Brian Dawkins? Joining him as this week's other new Legend released by EA is the ever-elusive, Gale Sayers. Check out all of the new player items below:

Brian Dawkins

Gale Sayers

The Power Up version of each player can be earned by completing their solo challenge. Each …