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Wildcard Wednesday - Heavyweights III

Beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, ram, hogs, dogs....we all becoming heavyweights tomorrow!! It's Wildcard Wednesday and we get some more of the big dogs into Madden NFL 22 with the Heavyweights program. A reminder that you can find these players in the Heavyweights Player Packs (10,200 Training) which has a random 91+ Heavyweights Player. Let me just dust off the ol Nick Mizesko Nickname Machine...its been idle while I had pneumonia and was out of town. Let me just...ok its plugged in. This weeks players include Erik "The Real" McCoy, Quinnen "The Big Q" Williams, Frank "The Tank" Clark, Trent …


TOTW Week 11

Give me a T.....Give me an O.....Give me...You get it it's TOTW time again. Another weird week in the NFL. Are there any great teams this year or are there a lot of good teams with fatal flaws?

Nonetheless, you know who is really good? Jonathan Taylor, who for the second time this year is your Player of the Week. Taylor, off his 5 TD performance, gets 93 SPD, 92 ACC, 93 AGI, and 93 COD (or +1 ratings boost if you already have the item). The LTD this week is the Spike man himself, Robert Gronkowskerus. Gronk has 89 …


Bo Knows Legends I

Who Knows? Bo Knows! We have a new Monday program in Madden 22 called the Bo Knows Legends Program. These legends will drop every Monday and each player includes an 82 overall PU, and 85 OVR Bo Knows version, and a 94 OVR. You can exchange 30x 85 OVR Bo Knows Players to get each of the Bo Knows Legends in their respective sets (as well as his PUP item). Check out the first release of players below!



Legends - Keyshawn Johnson and Richard Seymour

Apologies on no Harvest article yesterday, I unfortunately have pneumonia right now so combine that with an EA broadcast schedule and its been a long couple days. Hoping to be back at 100% and have content back at 100% after the Thanksgiving holiday so again, thanks for all your patience!

Legends today are in the game and we start on the offensive side with one of the most reliable receivers to play the game Keyshawn Johnson. The former USC Trojan is a Route Runner WR rocking 93 SPD, 92 ACC, 93 JMP, and 94 SPC. He has 93 in Mid …


LTDS- Evan Engram and Matthew Judon

LTD Thursday ladies and gentlemen and today we get two new players who will only be in packs for the next 48 hours. Each of these items will have a quicksell of 250k coins. On the offensive side of the ball, Giants fans either love or hate this guy. It is Mr. Potential Evan Engram coming to Madden 22. Engram is a Vertical Threat TW with 92 SPD, 92 CTH, 94 SPC, and 77 RBK. O nthe defensive side of the ball, we get one of the offseason pickups that has made the Pats a serious contender. It is former …


Wildcard Wednesday- Flashbacks IV

It's always important to look towards the future, but let us never forget to look to the past for guidance. In this case, it means we are getting Flashbacks for Wildcard Wednesday. A reminder that these players can all be found in packs, or specifically in Flashback Player Packs where you can get a random 90+ OVR Flashbacks Player for 9k training. This weeks additions to the Flashbacks Program are Jason Verrett (93 SPD/ACC at CB), Phillip Lindsay (92 SPD, 91 AGI, 90 COD), Mitchell Trubisky (86 SPD, 92 THP, Improviser archetype), Janoris Jenkins (92 SPD, 92 MCV, M2M CB), …


TOTW Week 10

Weird that they decided to put TOTW out for a football week that DIDN'T HAPPEN. I REPEAT THIS WEEKEND WAS CANCELLED FOR NFL FOOTBALL. Anyways, this week's Team of the Week program includes an LTD Jamal Adams at 92 SPD, 93 ACC, 93 ZCV and 96 POW. Jets and Seahawks theme teams are happy to see Adams on the squad for sure. The POTW is a back in form Patrick Mahomes who seems to have figured some stuff out since last we saw him. Mahomes is an Improviser QB with 75 SPD, 94 THP, and 95 RUN. Did ya like …


LTDS- Robby Anderson and Nick Bosa

A heartfelt thank you and Happy Veterans Day to all those who served in the military on this beautiful Thursday. Thank you for all you have done for our country.

It is LTD Thursday folks and, as always, these items will be available in packs for 48 hrs and have a quicksell value of 250k coins. On the offensive side of the ball, we get the burner from the Panthers (who seems to be trying to find his groove) Robby Anderson. Anderson is a Deep Threat WR with 94 SPD, 92 CTH, and 94 DRR. I know OneGreatUser is excited …

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