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Legends- Curtis Martin and Roy Williams

Two new legends into Madden 22 today and as we start to see theme teams filling out, these guys seem like great additions to fill out that roster. On the offensive side of the ball, we get former Pitt Panther and Jet/Patriot Curtis Martin at halfback. Martin comes into the game with 91 SPD, 93 ACC, and 92 BTK. I love him to replace some of those running backs we've seen like LT and even some Reggie Bush if you are still running a Jets theme team.

On defense, we get a Dallas Cowboy and our second Roy Williams...but this …


LTD- Stefon Diggs and Marcus Peters

Lots of things going on in the MUT world right now, with house rules returning tomorrow and Team Diamonds finally being released next week!! Today, it's of course LTD Thursday and we got 2 new players available for the next 48 hours in packs.

On the offensive side of the ball we get former Minnesota Viking and star of the Buffalo Bills Stefon Diggs. The former Terp comes into the game with 89 SPD, 92 DRR, and 92 SPC. He is 90s in all three route running categories, but that 89 speed is going to hurt him a little. Bills …

totw sets.jpg

TOTW Week 1

What a weekend of NFL football that was! That Monday night game was a wild finish, we saw games coming down to the wire, and we saw Daniel Jones nothing has really changed! It is the first installment of the Team of the Week program, and we start things off with some pass rushing fiends. Myles Garrett gets the LTD TOTW item with 92 PMV andp 90 FMV at 92 OVR, coming off a 4 tackle, 1 sack, 8 QB pressure game vs the Chiefs. Chandler Jones, though, went absolutely bananas this weekend. He gets a 92 OVR Player …


Legends- Jerry Rice and Mike Haynes

WE GOT A FULL FOOTBALL WEEKEND LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!! Which games are you guys most excited for? I obviously can't wait for Ohio State and Oregon today and Browns/Chiefs tomorrow! BUT, before we get there we have new Legends into the game of Madden 22.

First off, a staple in the game and someone who seems like he is always one of the first WRs on early MUT squads. It is none other than the pride of Mississippi Valley State University Jerry Rice. Rice comes into the game with 91 SPD, 90 SPC, and 90 CTH which seems like some …


LTDs- Nick Chubb and Fletcher Cox

The MCS is over (what a final it was) and it is back to a somewhat normal schedule. That means it is time for more LTD's to be released into Madden 22. For those who don't know, LTD's are limited edition items that are only available for 48 hours in packs.

Offensively we get the former Georgia Bulldog and soon to be leading rusher in the NFL for the Super Bowl Champion Cleveland Browns Nick Chubb!! Chubb is a Power Rusher HB rocking 89 SPD/ACC, 91 TRK, and 92 BTK. I love how they made this item with a combination …


Wildcard Wednesday- Veterans I

Listen, I know the MCS style of play isn't everyone's cup of tea (and I know most of you were just watching to get rewards) but I hope you found at least one moment of fun last night watching the MCS Ultimate Kickoff. I know I had a blast calling it and it was cool seeing how many of you posted in the forums that you watched so thank you.

We have our first set of Vets into the game on Wildcard Wednesday today. You can purchase an 88+ veteran player in the store for 2,700 training. Our Vets into …


Legends- Leonard Davis and Kevin Greene

Legendary human beings are in the game of Madden 22 today and its all about that bass, bout that treble.

We got some big hosses as our Legends released into Madden 22. We start things off on the offensive side of the ball with a 3x Pro Bowler who knew how to protect the QB. It is none other than the former Texas Longhorn Leonard Davis. Davis is a Power Right Guard rocking 90 STR, 91 PBK, and 91 RBK. Not a ton of top end guards in the game right now so certainly worth a grab!

Defensively, we …

Muthead Minute- September 2

The Muthead Madden Minute is all the news and notes from around the Madden world in about one minute.

Todays topics include:

- First Patch in M22

- LTDs (Waller, White)

- MCS Program

- Campus Heroes

reek mcs.jpg

mcs program 1.jpg





Wildcard Wednesday- Heavyweights I

Normally we would have a Muthead Minute here, but my studio is being moved around with EA equiptment on the way. So just a traditional article for today (oldheads rejoice!). Its Wildcard Wednesday and today the thicccccc boys are in the game with the Heavyweights program. The highlight from this set is the new Montez Sweat item, rocking 87 SPD, 90 ACC, and 89 FMV at LE. This game is starving for pass rush and Sweat might be that answer. Also in this Heavyweights release are former MSU Spartan Jack Conklin, former MSSU (that's Missouri Southern State) Lion Brandon Williams, …

Superstars Part II Overview

Quick overview of the Superstars Program. Check out Slammer's post here for images of the players. I will update with MH links once it is live on the site (backend error, working on fixing).

Muthead Minute- August 20, 2021

The Muthead Madden Minute is all the news and notes from around the Madden world in about one minute.

Todays topics include:

- New Legends Revealed (Check out images here)


- First MCS Major


Muthead Minute- August 19, 2021

The Muthead Madden Minute is all the news and notes from around the Madden world in about one minute. Todays topics include:

- Upcoming Legends (link to Slammer's thread here)

- Madden 22 Code Giveaway on Twitter (@Muthead)

- Kicking Field Goals forever...

Muthead Madden Minute- August 18, 2021

The Muthead Madden Minute is all the news and notes from around the Madden world in about one minute. Todays topics include:

- Superstars and Legends Release

- Codes

- FNF/Level Next



Muthead Madden Minute- August 17, 2021

The Muthead Madden Minute is all the news and notes from around the Madden world in about one minute.

Todays topics include:

- Rookie Premiere Release Date

- Best Budget Players

- Walmart/Gamestop In Game Content Release

Muthead Madden Minute- August 16, 2021

Here is what we have been working on! The MUTHead Madden Minute, a digestible 1-2 minute video that will highlight the big pieces of info from around Madden. This will include new items in game, patch notes, comp new etc. Let me know what you guys think and as we go along, how we can make it better!

Also, subscribe on YT and TikTok @MutheadTV it will really help us kthxbyeeeee!



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Power Up Expansion IX

Greetings from Chicago. Having only moved from the Midwest like 6 months ago, I forgot about the volatility of Midwest weather. We've been here for like 20 mins and it has rained, become hot and sunny, and become cold and windy all in that time frame. Anyways, we have more power up expansions and it is time for you to suffer through another edition of Nick makes up nicknames for these NFL players!!! This week, we have Nintendo Legend DK Metcalf, America's Favorite Friend Chandler Jones, Justin Houston We Have A Problem, Cooper "The Hooper" Kupp, Orlando "Try To Keep" …


Ultimate Legends- Jones, Allen,and Vincent

Legend status: Achieved. It's time for some more Ultimate Legends and we have some great names coming to MUT today. First, the LTD today was so good on defense he made you go to church and pray for relief. It is none other than the 8x Pro Bowler Deacon Jones! The former Mississippi Valley State Delta Devil comes into the game with 86 SPD, 99 PMV, and 92 FMV as a Power Rusher RE.

On offense, we needed to beef up the offensive line a bit and no surprise its a former Cowboy. Yep, Larry Allen is here to protect …


Power Up Expansion VIII

Goooooood Tuesday morning and I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July! Apologies on no articles last week, we had a death in the family that pushed all our travel up for the 4th and that was our focus last week. But we are back and we have Power Up Expansions BAYBEEEE!! These players all can now reach 99 OVR and unlock a 5ht ability slot. The players are The Big Cat Tyrone Calico, Not The Stuffed Bear Ted Hendricks, Darren "Tear Down This" Waller, Chad "The Artist Formerly Known as Ochocinqo" Johnson, David The Goliath Andrews, and Rollin …


Ultimate Legends- McCaffery, Sapp, and Butler

Ullllllltimaaaaaaate Leeeeegendddds...I don't have any idea what tune that would be sung to so I will leave that open to interpretation. We have more Ultimate Legends here in the twilight months of Madden 21. Our LTD this week is none other than the Super Bowl Champion and Packer great LeRoy Butler! The former Florida State Seminole is a Zone archetype SS and has 96 SPD, 99 ZCV, and 98 PRC. Good luck getting a pass past this guy.

The offensive legend this week is the 3x Super Bowl champ and current coach of the Northern Colorado Bears Ed McCaffery. The …


Power Up Expansions VI

EA is putting up so many Power Up Expansions it's requiring me to access Roman Numeral memory I thought was long gone. 6 more stars are getting 99 OVR Power Up Expansions today, including 2 members of the original 99 club. They are Return of the CMac, I Wanna Be Like Michael Thomas, Antrel Rolle-in In The Deep, Judge Robert Mathis, All Day (Mike) Alstott, and Million Buck Chuck Clark. These players can all reach 99 OVR and unlock 5 ability slots. Check out the players (with their former teams) below!



Ultimate Legends- Brown, Woodson, and Hester

The world is playing the beta right now, but Madden 21 still has content dropping here in June! Ultimate Legends are a staple of the weekend and WE GOT JIM BROWN HERE WE GO BROWNIES HERE WE GO WOOF WOOF....ahem apologies. Yes, Jim Brown is the offensive legend as a Power Back archetype with 96 SPD, 96 ACC, 99 TRK, and 99 BTK.

The defensive legend is another AFC North star who spent a lot of time wrecking wide receivers (try saying that 5 times fast). It is none other than Purdue standout Rod Woodson! Woodson is a Slot Archetype …

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