Muthead League Recap - Week 5 presented by The Army National Guard

The season is wrapping up this week, so let's take a look at where we stand with just 2 games to play. The North division is Astro's at the moment, sitting at 6-4. But all 3 other competitors have a shot, with Kmac a game back and Civil and Dez 2 back. Astro controls his own destiny, but one stumble and it could spell disaster. The South division is almost wrapped up, as Mr. Football follows a strong MCS season with a 2 game lead going into the final week. Just 1 win in his last two and the division is sealed. The wild Card race is currently Lambo's with a 6-4 record, but Kmac at 5-5 is right on his heels.

The East division is similar to the South, as Wesley has finished strong at 8-2 and has a 2 game lead over Jonbeast. Jonbeast is currently in the lead for the National Conferences's Wild Card spot, at 6-4. But Vohes, Pavan, and GoatGeezy are all at 5-5. The West division has a battle, as Dcroft holds a 1 game lead over GoatGeezy and a 2 game lead over Cobo.

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