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Power Up Expansions VI

EA is putting up so many Power Up Expansions it's requiring me to access Roman Numeral memory I thought was long gone. 6 more stars are getting 99 OVR Power Up Expansions today, including 2 members of the original 99 club. They are Return of the CMac, I Wanna Be Like Michael Thomas, Antrel Rolle-in In The Deep, Judge Robert Mathis, All Day (Mike) Alstott, and Million Buck Chuck Clark. These players can all reach 99 OVR and unlock 5 ability slots. Check out the players (with their former teams) below!



Ultimate Legends- Brown, Woodson, and Hester

The world is playing the beta right now, but Madden 21 still has content dropping here in June! Ultimate Legends are a staple of the weekend and WE GOT JIM BROWN HERE WE GO BROWNIES HERE WE GO WOOF WOOF....ahem apologies. Yes, Jim Brown is the offensive legend as a Power Back archetype with 96 SPD, 96 ACC, 99 TRK, and 99 BTK.

The defensive legend is another AFC North star who spent a lot of time wrecking wide receivers (try saying that 5 times fast). It is none other than Purdue standout Rod Woodson! Woodson is a Slot Archetype …


Power Up Expansions V

It's time for Power Up Expansions once again! This weeks expansions features some big names in Ultimate Team, including Queen City (and now Desert) Beast AJ Green, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Return of the Khalil Mack, Nicholas "Big Dog" Bosa, Put That Man Behind Anthony Barr, and I don't need to make up a nickname for Megatron Calvin Johnson. These players all can reach 99 OVR and get 5 ability slots. Check out the players below!



Ultimate Legends- Lewis, Culpepper, and Lynch

It's officially Sunday and I am just now getting to a place with stable internet and a plug to charge my phone. What a day! I know it is late but let's talk Ultimate Legends. We got three more coming to the Ultimate Team arena. We start things off with the LTD and the Beast from Baltimore Ray Lewis. The former Miami Hurricane is a Field General MLB and is rocking 93 SPD, 99 POW, and 99 PRC.

The defensive legend was a mainstay on some of the best Tampa Bay Defenses and a leader of most of those. It …


Rookie Premiere Program

Alright, lets dive into one of my favorite programs, Rookie Premieres. To start things off, I apologize I will not have any images in this article. I am currently out of town filming and do not have access to my XBox for screenshots. Nonetheless, let us dive in to all the information on the Rookie Premiere Program!

In the RPP, you earn Rookie Premiere collectibles to complete NAT 99 OVR Rookie Premiere Sets. There are 10 99 OVR Rookie Premeiere players that can only be acquired by completing their set:

Rookie Premiere Players


Final Golden Ticket Release

Here we finally are, the final Golden Ticket release of the year and safe to say I believe this is the best group of players to be released into MUT! Based on the big names you guys have been clamoring for, I think these should satiate the appetite of the most fervent Madden fans puts down thesaurus

We start things off with with Rookie of the Year candidate Justin Jefferson. Jefferson has Deep Threat WR, Route Runner WR, Physical WR, Slot WR, and Returner WR ability slots. HE also has 97 SPD and 99 in Short and Medium Route Running …


99 OVR Power Up Expansion

Now we're cooking with fire! No longer are these Power Up Expansions 98 OVR. 98 OVR is a child compared to these 99 OVR BEASTS! We have 6 99 OVR Power Ups now in the game of Madden Ultimate Team. These players now can reach 99 OVR with 5 ability slots, except for Shane Lechler with 2. The 6 players include the aformentioned Big Dog with the Big Leg Shane Lechler (which I believe means you can have a 99 OVR team with him in you lineup), Tom Brady's BFF Rob Gronkowski, The Kansas City Yard Machine Jamaal Charles, The …


Ultimate Legends- Alworth, Peppers, and Jones

We in Miami for the Floyd Mayweather vs insert Paul brother here "fight" (seriously, no winner no judges...what is this a dance?). Anyways it's time for another Ultimate Legend release in Madden Ultimate Team. The LTD this week is the toughest guy to rock the nickname Bambi, Mr. Lance Alworth. Alworth is a Route Runner Archetype WR with 97 SPD, 99 DRR, and 95 RLS. The offensive legend is going to shore up that offensive line. Welcome to MUT former Florida State Seminole Walter Jones. Jones is an agile LT with 76 SPD, 97 PBK, and 98 RBK. Finally, the …


Golden Tickets Release 6

Into the unknown with this release of the Golden Tickets (crazy to think it is already the 5th GT release). This is an installment of the dev Golden Tickets and there are certainly some interesting choices in the bunch. Let me know in the comments who your favorites are and who you still would like to see as a Golden Ticket.

We start things off with a unique twist on the Quarterback position. Longitme Raven RT Johnathan Ogden joins the fight as a QB! Ogden is rocking 99 THP, 99 RUN...67 SPD (so he can sling it on his very …


Fan Appreciation Part 3

Gracias, Merci, Danke, anktha ouya...all of these mean one thing. Thank you! I mean, I'm not saying thank you EA is with their Fan Appreciation Part 3. NOT THAT I DON'T APPRECIATE YOU...oh boy I've beefed this one. Lets just get to the updates.



  • Week 2 challenges: 15 challenges, 5,400 coins possible, 54 stars possible
  • REMEMBER: at 120 stars earned you get a 99 OVR NAT Golden Ticket

FAP Pack.jpg


  • Fan Appreciation Packs are available in the store. Offers have reset from last week so your limits are cleared.
    • 75,000 coins or 500 points
    • Contains 1x 89+ OVR NFL Draft …

Power Up Expansions IV

First of all, I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. A very special thank you to all of our service men and women for serving and protecting this country.

We have our 4th Power Up Expansion this week and let me know who you like out of this set. We have Packers catch machine Greg Jennings, Hamburger Eating Machine Albert Haynesworth, former Tennessee State Tiger Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, current Cleveland Brown and soon to be Cleveland Brown LEGEND Austin Hooper, one of the fastest LBs in the game and hardest names to say Foyesade Oluokun, and Kenny Vaccaro. A reminder …


Ultimate Legends- Jackson, Taylor, and Barber

Thank you for all of your patience. Been on a plane since early this morning and just got to where I can load up the site. It's the weekend so we have Ultimate Legends into the game of Madden Ultimate Team and we got some big names today. The LTD is former Virginia Cavalier and Super Bowl Champion Ronde Barber. Barber enters the game with 96 SPD, 97 COD, and 98 MCV. The offensive legend is the star of Tecmo Bowl and 2 sport legend Bo Jackson. The former Auburn Tiger is back in Madden with 99 SPD, 98 ACC, …

carl banks.jpg

Golden Tickets Release 5

The weekend is just around the corner and that means we have some more Golden Tickets released into Madden 21. The rumor mill has told me that this particular Golden Ticket release might be the best one so far? Let me know in the comments if this is the best group of items that have been released in the GT set. Today, we have The Gadget Man Taysom Hill, ASU Beast Brandon Aiyuk, the man who's name definitely sounds like the fake one you give to solicitors Jimmy Smith, and Mr. Money in the Carl Banks. Remember that there is …


Fan Appreciation Part 2

It gets very hot in the summer here in Arizona, as we topped 100 degrees again yesterday. For that, it was necessary (darn near crucial) to have a device circulating the air in the house and creating a breeze to keep you cool. What I'm saying is, I really appreciated my fan yesterday..........................

And EA appreciates you guys, as we have part 2 of the Fan Appreciation program. We have 20 new challenges in the game, which will allow you to get the 99 OVR NAT Golden Ticket Fantasy Pack and select any one of the GTs that are released …


Power Up Expansions III

In the words of He-Man, Master of the Universe...I HAVE THE POWWERRRRRRR (up expansion part III). Yes, it is that time once again for Power Up Expansions as we see the players that now have 98 OVR Power Up items in Madden Ultimate Team. This week includes Dallas Cowboy WR Amari Cooper, former USC star Matt Leinart, Super Bowl Champ Dre' Bly, Panthers DE Charles Johnson, former G from THE Ohio State University Andrew Norwell, and fomer Cleveland Brown LEG...well he was solid and played on some bad teams D'Qwell Jackson. A reminder that these items allow the players to …


Ultimate Legends- Romo, Taylor, and Gonzalez

Elton John said that Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, but he neglected to mention that Saturday Morning's Perfect for Ultimate Legends...admittedly a less catchy song. We got 3 more Ultimate Legends into the game today, starting of with LTD Tony Romo. The former Eastern Illinois Panther is an Improviser archetype with 83 SPD, 98 RUN, and 99 DAC. Will he be remembered more as a football player of a commentator? Let me know in the comments.

The offensive legend is without a doubt one of the greatest Tight Ends in the game. It is none other than former Cal Golden …


Golden Tickets Release 4

Damn, I used my Golden Girls reference earlier this week. Shoulda saved it for the Golden Tickets release. Nonetheless, its GT release day once again and I'm curious as to all of your opinions on this weeks GTs. We have Derrick Henry Handoff Legend Ryan Tannehill, Green Bay defensive beast Za'Darius Smith, the hungriest man in Dallas Ezekiel Elliot, and the Leather Helmet Legend Jim Thorpe. Remember that there is an increased chance to pull a Golden Ticket in the first 48 hours so make sure to get ripping ASAP. Here are the players with their team chems listed!


FAP Chall.jpg

Fan Appreciation

Thank you for being a faaaaaan.

Travel down the road and back again.

Your heart is true you're a pal and a confidant.

Points if you got that reference. Its fan appreciation time in Madden Ultimate Team. This is an opportunity to replay challenges from this year and ultimately earn a 99 OVR NAT Golden Ticket item! Let's check out what is new in the Fan Appreciation Program!

FAP Chall.jpg


  • First Round of Challenges: 15 new challenges, 6900 coins possible, 69 stars possible

FAP Milestones.jpg


  • There are coin milestones for every 10-15 stars you earn in the challenges. Important milestones include
    • 50 …

Power Up Expansion II

To misquote Hanz and Franz from one of my favorite SNL skits (which you should check out on YT)...I WANT TO POWER clap YOU UP!

Part two of the Power Up Expansions are live in the game now. All of these players now have a 98 OVR Power Up Item and a 4th ability slot. Let me know in the comments who you want to see get a new power up next Tuesday? Who desperately needs one?? Check out the new Power Ups below!



Golden Tickets Release 3

Note: I definitely have had this article typed and ready for 2 hours and FORGOT TO HIT PUBLISH. If you'll excuse me I'm going to go sit in time out now....

It's that time once again folks! We might as well call ourselves rabbits because we got 24 KARATS IN THE HOUUUUUUSEEE!! Get it...cause karat sounds like carrot?

It's Golden Ticket Friday is what I'm saying and we have 4 new GTs into the game, and personally I think these are better than last weeks release. I'm loving the SS DK Metcalf GT. 99 coverages, 99 jumping, 98 speed and …


NFL Draft Release- Rounds 2-5

Well this took a bit, huh? After a decently long server maintenance this morning, we finally got another installment of the NFL Draft release. This is the 6th release of items in this program and features players from the 2nd-5th rounds of the 2021 NFL Draft. Bad news is there are no new sets or challenges to get these items. They range from 91-95 OVR and are in packs and on the Auction House. Check out all the players below!


2nd Round:


Power Up Expansion I

To misquote the words of famed late 80's early 90's Europop group Snap! (one of my favorite groups to have punctuation in their name btw). I GOT THE POWER...Up Expansions. This program is pretty self explanatory; it's an expansion of the Power Up programs giving those existing Power Ups new steps to upgrade. This allows these players to reach 98 OVR and add a 4th ability slot. Look for these every Tuesday for the forseeable future. Check out the upgraded PUs below, listed with their former teams:



Golden Tickets Release 2

Get outta bed Grandpa Joe, WE GOT MORE GOLDEN TICKETS! This is the second release of the community created Golden Tickets. Remember all of these items can change to any of the team chems that they previously played for without needing a Power Up (note: this is less relevant to this particular release as all of these players have only played for one team). The tickets are live in packs now and there is an increased chance at pulling a GT from packs in the first 48 hours! Let me know what has been your favorite GT so far (or …


Ultimate Legends- Willis, Shields, and Freeney

I read some of the comments from my last post and I heard a lot of comments about how cringe my writing style. And, you know, I certainly hear what you're saying. I will mold my writing personality to make sure that I appease you guys who don't enjoy the feel of my articles. With that in mind, we have some Ultimate Legends into the game on this checks calendar ......don't do it Nick. They don't like it, Nick. They don't checks calendar.........................................


Our first UL is a 49ers defensive legend who still haunts the minds of NFC West …

rgiii gt.PNG

Golden Tickets Release 1

I never thought my life could be
Anything but catastrophe
But suddenly I begin to see
A bit of good luck for me

'Cause I got a golden ticket
I've got a golden twinkle
In my eye

GET READY FOR ALL THE WILLY WONKA REFERENCES CAUSE OUR FIRST GOLDEN TICKETS ARE HEEEEERRREEE airhorn! Yes, the community answered the bell and we have our first Golden Tickets in the game! EA has release 5 of the GTs today and they include Robert Woods (at TE) and Mike Evans (at CB). These players are live in packs so good luck to …

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