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MUT 23 Reveals - Tight Ends

More reveals from the Madden Ultimate Team as we take a look at the guys tasked with blocking and catching, the Tight Ends. We have a new number 1 TE in Ravens beast Mark Andrews at 88 OVR. Travis Kelce, the perennial number 1, comes in 2nd overall at 87 OVR. George Kittle has the 3rd highest overall at 86 OVR, with 2nd year sensation Kyle Pitts coming in at 85 OVR. Rounding out the top 5 is Darren Waller at 84 OVR. Who are you snagging? Let me know in the comments!


TOP 10 TEs

  1. Mark Andrews - 88 …

MUT 23 Reveals - DE

Pass rush can win you a Madden game and EA has revealed the Top 10 Defensive Ends to kick off the year in Madden 23. A reminder that all these players are Core Elites and will be available to start the game. Coming in at #1 OVR is the Super Bowl Champion Aaron Donald at 88 OVR. Mason Rudolph's Best Friend Myles Garrett is also an 88 OVR at number 2, with the younger Bosa (Sir Nick) coming in third at 87 OVR. New Las Vegas Raider Chandler Jones is the fourth highest rated DE at 86 OVR, and Cam …


MUT 23 Reveals - MLB/OLB

Yesterday, EA revealed some more Top 10 inside Madden Ultimate Team, with us getting a first look at linebackers. Let's first start with the Middle Linebacker group, headlined by (no surprise) 87 OVR Fred Warner. De'Vondre Campbell comes in second at 87 OVR as well with Demario Davis looking to get the Saints back to glory at 86 OVR. Bobby Wagner, after moving to a pretty good team in LA, rocks an 85 OVR and Lavonte David rounds out the top 5 at 84 OVR. Interesting note: Fred Warner has 86 speed on his Core Elite item, same as Jalen …


MUT 23 Reveals - Cornerbacks

More reveals on the way for Madden Ultimate Team in Madden 23. This time, we are looking at the all important cornerback position. I would argue that early game getting some of these players might be the most impactful players on your team. EA has revealed the Top 10 Core Elite Cornerbacks to start the game and its no surprise that Jalen Ramsey is leading the way. JC Jackson, coming off a really nice season in LA, is an 87 OVR and a Slot archetype. Coming in 3rd is one of the most improved corners over the last couple of …


MUT 23 Reveals - Safeties

Time to head over to the defensive side of the ball, as we get some more reveals from Madden 23! These MUT items are the top 10 Safeties in MUT 23, all part of the Core Elite set. The top spot this year goes to Titan standout Kevin Byard, who is a Zone archetype with 88 ZCV and 85 SPD. The second spot goes to AFC Champion Jessie Bates III (87 OVR), who may be looking for a new team after this year if he doesn't get paid. 2 more Zone archetypes in the Top 4 as Adrian Phillips (NE) …


MUT 23 Reveals - Top 10 Running Backs

All week long, EA is going to be releasing the top 10 players at each position in Madden Ultimate Team. All these players are core elite players and are a great way to get your team started. The first players released are the running backs, for all of you tote gang members out there. No surprise seeing the top OVR running back to kick off the year being Derrick Henry. His 88 TRK and 87 BTK are certain to cause some problems for the defense. After a stellar rookie campaign, Jonathan Taylor comes in second (87 OVR) with Nick Chubb …


Madden 23 Preorder Information

EA revealed all Madden 23 preorder information last night, and we’re here to break it down for you. To start off, there are two versions of Madden 23 that you can preorder this year:

  • Standard Edition ($60 on Xbox One and PS4, $70 on Xbox Series X/S and PS5)
  • All-Madden Edition ($100)

Before we get into the information, here’s a little trick to help you get All-Madden edition for a maximum of $85!

  • If you have M22, go to the home screen and click on the button to purchase M23, through M22. This will automatically get you 10% off.
  • Then, …

Ultimate Legends - Swann, Dumervil, DeLamielleure

Saturday is upon us once again as we creep through July and work one week closer to the Madden 23 launch. We have some Ultimate Legends dropping in the game starting off with a guy who I swear we get in July each year. Pittsburgh Steeler legend Lynn Swann is in the game as a Route Runner archetype Wide Receiver. He is 99 SPD with 97 SRR, 97 MRR, and 98 DRR. The defensive legend this week is none other than former Denver Bronco Elvis Dumervil. Dumervil is a Speed Rusher ROLB with 95 SPD, 97 BSH, 97 PMV, and …

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