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Just A Quick Update

Hey guys, wanted to give you a front page update here on the site and let you know what is going on and where we are going. I'm sure many of you have noticed that there have been less articles than usual here on the front page. For those who I haven't told, my wife and I are expecting a kid in 6 weeks and have been scrambling to get ready for that. On top of that, I got in a pretty nasty car wreck a week and a half ago that left me without a car and needing to …


Legends Release III: Evans, Vick, and Woodson

Legends are here once again and we are getting some absolute ICONS of both the NFL game and Madden. Let's start off with the LTD Jahri Evans. Evans is a Pass Protector RG with 90 STR, 92 PBK, and 89 RBK. He also gets Secure Protector for 3 AP and Post Up for 2 AP. We will post the full ability graphic below.

The offensive legend this year I think you may have heard of before. The Energizer Bunny himself Michael Vick is here to ruin lives in Madden 23. Vick is a Strong Arm QB with 90 SPD, 92 …

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Ultimate Kickoff Part I

Alright, first of all a big shoutout to RKA for all his help over the last 2 weeks. I have been overseas on vacation with my wife for our last trip before the baby comes and RKA was kind enough to write all the article while I was gone. Make sure you show him some love!

I am back now and we are back with the Ultimate Kickoff program. Hopefully you were able to catch either GMM or the Reveal Stream yesterday before day one of the Madden 23 Ultimate Kickoff. If you missed it, here's a recap of the …

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Team of The Week - Preseason

Team of the Week is back, but it’s starting with Preseason TOTW for the first time in a while! This release features 2 90 OVR Champions, a 90 OVR LTD, and many heroes!

LTD - Available until 9/8, 10 AM EST



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How to Get FREE 88 OVR Jaylen Waddle This Week!

If you’ve been following the Madden Championship Series (MCS) lately, it’s been packed with action and some intense qualification and elimination rounds. The final 8 competitors for the first MCS event of the season, the Ultimate Kickoff, have been determined, and the live event is this week!

Like last year, you can earn free MUT players and packs by simply watching the event on Twitch!

How to Watch

When to Watch

  • The Ultimate Kickoff MCS Event will be taking place on two days this year. Be sure to watch both days to ensure that you are …

Legends Release II

With release 2 of the Legends Program in MUT23, released 2 new Boss Legends and the first Legends Program LTD of Madden 23. The overalls this week have been bumped up to 90 OVR, and the three Legends this week are:


  • 90 OVR Boss Legend Chris McAlister: Exchange 88 OVR Chris McAlister, and 3x 86 OVR Legends, any 4x 84 OVR Legends, and any 5x 82 OVR Legends to receive 90 OVR Boss Legend Chris McAlister, as well as …
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Madden 23 Campus Heroes Program

With the start of the college football season upon us, it’s once again time for Campus Heroes to return to Madden Ultimate Team. A total of 33 87 OVR players were released into the game, as well as two Campus Champions, a Limited Edition player, and many 84 OVR and 80 OVR versions of the Campus Heroes.


The LTD is in packs for 48 hours, until September 3rd at 10:00 am, eastern time zone. It is none other than University of Texas legend, Ricky Williams! He comes equipped with Goal Line Back for 3 AP

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Legends Program Info and Release I

Today, we got our first look at the coveted legends program in Madden Ultimate Team 23. EA released 8 legends, 4 offensive, and 4 defensive for the first release. Going forward, the Legends program will likely host 2 new players per week, releasing every Saturday for the considerable future.

89 Legends Players

Store Offers:

  • 8x Legends Fantasy Bundle (12,000 points): Contains 8 Legends Fantasy Packs and 3 85+ OVR Legends as a topper. Limit of …
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