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Madden Bowl Day 1 Preview

For those competitive Madden fans, the final and biggest tournament of the year kicks off tonight with The Ultimate Madden Bowl. This tournament features 14 players who have qualified through their performance in the MCS, with 2 qualifying through the gauntlet known as the LCQ. There is not only a Madden Bowl belt on the line, but a total $1 Million prize pool for the competitors. The first round of games will be completed tonight (1/22) and tomorrow (1/23), with the remaining rounds eminating from the EA Studios in San Francisco, CA. This will mark the first time in 2 …

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AKA New Class II

We got a new couple items into the AKA new class. Let me know what you guys think of these items in the comments. Are you rolling training to try and cop any of these new items?

  • LTD Jason "Gravedigger" Hargrave - Okay, first of all...terrifying nickname. Don't know if I've heard that one before. Hargrave isn't going to get too many players excited being a DT, but he gets 1 SP Edge Threat and 1 AP Inside Stuff in the first custom ability bucket. Plus, LTDs are LTDs.
  • Marcedes "Big Dog" Lewis - One of the more underrated tight …

Community AKA Submissions

You guys came through with the comedy! Here are some of our staffs picks of our favorite AKA submissions by you guys!

bigben7x7 - Lamar "Truzzz me, My Knee Hurtz" Jackson

averagejoekerr - Cody "Double Doink" Parkey

mbl0188 - Cam “Grandma Wardrobe” Newton

IN4MOUSGIANTS - Dexter “ Sexy Dexy” Lawrence


@slatebaseball23 - "Tractorcito" Derrick Henry

@m_christopher - "Smokin" Jay Cutler

@santdontknowfb - Austin "Bald Jesus" Ekeler

@cdrewerey1975 - Kyle "Smelly" Pitts

Stay tuned next week for another community article! Have a great weekend everyone!


Week 18 TOTW and NTOTW

The final Team of the Week for the 2022 regular season is upon us! The LTD's this week are both fighting it out in the trenches, as LG Damien Lewis of the Seahawks and DJ Reader of the Bengals join the squad. Reader gets Goal Line Stuff and Demoralizer for 0 AP, while Lewis counters with Lifeguard and All Day for 0 AP. The OPOW this week is Nyheim Hines, who housed the opening kickoff for the Bills...and then hit us with the double trouble for a second return. The DPOW is Mike Danna of the Chiefs, who I …


Community AKA

Back from paternity leave and I want to get you guys, the Muthead community, more involved with these front page articles. You're going to see more community input, polls. and even user content here on over the next couple months, as well as MCS updates and the usual new program items. Today, the newest edition of AKA dropped, labelled the New Class (for full listing click HERE). It got me thinking; this year we have seen this AKA program take off with some really cool items featuring the nicknames of players in the game. But, lets have some …


Madden 23 TOTW Week 10

authored by m1k3y6i2

Week 10 of the TOTW program was released in Ultimate Team, and provided us with some great cards for some great players from this past week, as well as four players who have had great performances in the past.

Your 93 OVR Offensive and Defensive heroes are both from the Vikings, and provide us with two players who are near the top of their respective positions in MUT right now in Justin Jefferson and Patrick Peterson. Jefferson, coming off of a high level performance of 10 catches for 193 yards and a touchdown in a thrilling overtime …

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AKA - Chris Johnson and Howie Long

Before we begin, shoutout to my man M1k3y6i2 for writing some articles while I work both on being a new dad and some new content for the site/Muthead. Give him some love in the comments!

Part 9 of the AKA promo has gone live in Ultimate Team today, and features two true legends of the game.

Legendary speedster Chris Johnson, also known as CJ2k, is our offensive release for today, and has notable ratings of 93 Speed, 96 Acceleration, and 92 Break Tackle. Johnson’s team chemistry includes Titans, Cardinals, Jets, and Legends, making him a serious contender for the starting …

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Most Feared Part II

ITS STILL SPOOKY SEASON! Part 2 of the Most Feared program is in Madden 23 and let's take a look at the new items.



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  • Bloodshot Eyeball Jumbo Pack (2500 MPs) - Contains 1x 78+ MF Player, 1 84+ MF Player, 4 87 OVR MF Players, and …
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