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Ultimate Season 4 and Reduxes

For what should be the final time this Madden, it's time for a new Ultimate Season to release. We have some new players, new rewards, and a new reason to grind out games on the Madden Ultimate Team leaderboards. Everyone's MUT level will reset to 1 and give you a new chance to earn some rewards. As you increase your levels, you will earn more rewards and unlock new offers in the MUT Store. Let's take a look at the Season 4 reward players.



Golden Tickets Release II

Part II of the annual EA Gala of Golden Tickets is released this morning. Let me know in the comments if you were one of the lucky ones to pull a GT. Normally you have an increased chance of pulling a GT in the first 48 hours, but I'm not 100% convinced that is true.

5 new players are being released today, including a new QB (Matt Ryan) a beastly backup (AJ Dillon), an absolute Madden legend (Collin Johnson), an OOP teammate of Matty Ice (CB Cordarrelle Patterson), and Johnny Manziel's favorite A&M target, now on defense (SS Mike Evans) …

fap brady.jpg

Fan Appreciation - Brady and Jones

For all the challenges you've done, the packs you've ripped, the drips you've tried to get...its time to be appreciated. EA's Fan Appreciation program is live which features 2 pretty good items to show their appreciation. Let's first take a look at the 2 players:


  • Tom Brady
    • Scrambler Archetype
    • All 32 Team Chems
    • Ability buckets - 2x Scrambler, 1x Field General, 1x Impro, 1x Strong Arm
  • CB Ed "Too Tall" Jones
    • Zone Archetype
    • All 32 Team Chems
    • Ability buckets - 2x Zone, 1x OLB Run Stopper, 1x M2M, 1x OLB Speed Rusher

Wildcard Wednesday - Heavyweights XI

The Madden year may be winding down, but the EA content team is keeping Wildcard Wednesday rolling! This week it is the Heavyweights program, where we get to show some love to the big hosses on the lines. If you want to spend training, the Heavyweights Player Pack is in the store for 52k Training and has a random 96+ Heavyweights Player. This week's players are Nick "What A Powerful First Name" Gates, Joe "Name That" Thuney, Kenny "Lois and" Clark, William "You Gotta Score Some" Gholston, and Greg Van "Wilder" Roten. Check them out below!

WCW - Heavyweights


Ultimate Legends - Rice, Thomas, and Robinson

Hey, for the first time in (checks notes) 8 weeks I'm home for a Saturday! Which means we get to talk about Ultimate Legends. We have 2 new legends and an LTD into Madden 22 (although I'm sure most of you are hunting for Golden Tickets). The LTD this week is...arguably the best receiver of all time (I say Randy Moss is, but I understand those who argue for this man) Jerry Rice. Rice is a Route Runner archetype with 97 SPD, 98 ACC, 97 SRR, 98 MRR, and 99 DRR. He also has a quicksell value of 250k coins. …



Anyone else have the Willy Wonka song playing in their head when GTs come out? This is always a fun part of the year where we get to delve into the minds of Madden fans, celebrities, and NFL players who created these bad boys. 6 GTs out of the 35 total are being released today, with them available in packs for the remainder of Madden 22. If things are the same as last Madden, there is an increased chance of a GT pull in the first 48 hours of release. All GTs are 99 OVR and have custome ability slots …


Flashbacks and NFL Draft Part III

Ok tons of content dropping on a beautiful Wednesday, May the Fourth (be with you hehe). Let's first start off with the 5 new Flashback players for Wildcard Wednesday. The Flashbacks Player Pack is in the store for $52k training, which gives you a random 96+ OVR Flashbacks player. This week's players are Akhello "Not With A Fork" Witherspoon, LaRon "L-A Ron" Landry, "Real American Hero" Deion Jones, David "I'll Be" Bakhtiari, and Keenan "And Kel" Allen.



Wildcard Wednesday - Rising Stars X

Wildcard Wednesday is back upon us, and how appropriate is it that we are getting Rising Stars the week of the NFL Draft. If you have a lot of Training to burn, the Rising Stars Player Pack is in the store, which costs 52k training and has a random 96+ OVR Rising Stars player. This week's illustrious group of players includes Lem "The Friendly Dinosaur" Barney, Jake "From State Farm" Curhan, Jonathan "Green Thumb" Greenard, Grant "Fall Into The" Delpit, and Tua "The Hawaiian Below League Average QB But Has A Good Shot This Year With All The Offseason Moves" …

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