MUT 21 The 50: A. Gates, J. Ogden, and A. Barr

Week 7 of 'The 50' is live and brings us the 1st team, featuring Antonio Gates, Jonathan Ogden, and Anthony Barr. Well known in MUT for years, legendary Charger Antonio Gates makes his return to MUT today. His Stacked version is a Possession TE Archetype with notable ratings of 84 SPD, 94 CTH, 93 JMP, 92 CIT, and 92 SPC. Jonathan Ogden also makes his return to MUT today as one of the better offensive tackle options currently available. Ogden is a Pass Protector OT with 94 STR, 93 PBP, 92 PBF, and 92 RBK ratings. While Anthony Barr is still currently playing and active in MUT, his Stacked version provides a significant upgrade over his core gold item. Barr is a Run Stopper OLB with noteworthy ratings of 87 SPD, 93 TAK, 92 PUR, and 91 POW. Check out all of the new Players, Sets, Challenges, and Store items released today with 'The 50' below:

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There are 3 versions of each player from 'The 50', a Stacked version (93 OVR), a Fresh version (83 OVR), and a Power Up item. You can exchange Fresh versions in Sets to receive Stacked versions of 'The 50' players.


The following new sets can be found in MUT under 'The 50' in the Sets section:

  • Antonio Gates - Exchange any 32x 83+ Fresh Players to earn 93 OVR Stacked Antonio Gates and his Power Up.
  • Jonathan Ogden - Exchange any 32x 83+ Fresh Players to earn 93 OVR Stacked Jonathan Ogden and his Power Up.
  • Anthony Barr - Exchange any 32x 83+ Fresh Players to earn 93 OVR Stacked Anthony Barr and his Power Up.



Weekly 50

Play moments from the careers of this week's players that were selected for 'The 50'. If you earned the 46 possible Stars from Weeks 1-6, you can earn a NAT Stacked Player Fantasy Pack from Weeks 1-7 by completing the following 6 challenges:

  • The 50 Week 7 - 6 Challenges, 3,000 Coins, 6 Stars possible



The following new items can be found in the Store (cost listed first):

  • The 50 Fantasy Pack - Week 7: 120,000 Coins or 1,500 Points. Contains a choice of 1 of 2 82+ OVR Elite players OR 1x 83+ OVR Week 7 The 50 player, a choice of 2 of 4 72+ OVR Gold players or better and a choice of 4 of 7 62+ OVR Silver players or better. Limit of 10.
  • 4x The 50 Fantasy Bundle - Week 7: 5,850 Points. Contains 4x The 50 Fantasy Packs and a topper of 4x 83+ OVR The 50 players. Limit of 4.
  • 83+ OVR The 50 Player - Week 7: 150 Points. Contains 1x 83+ OVR Week 7 The 50 Player. Limit of 1.


What are your thoughts on this week's selections for 'The 50'?