Team of the Week 5 - MUT 21

Team of the Week 5 is live in Madden Ultimate Team, featuring LTD Chris Harris Jr, Player of the Week Chase Claypool, and Heroes Randall Cunningham and Lance Briggs. Claypool receives Week 5 Player of the Week honors after leading the Steelers to a 38-29 victory over the Eagles. Chase hauled in 7 receptions for 110 yards and 4 total TDs in the battle for Pennsylvania. Don't forget to play your Game of the Week Challenge before it expires on 10/20 at 10:30 AM ET to earn a TOTY token needed for the TOTY set that releases in January (14 out of 17 tokens required).

For a refresher on updates to this year's TOTW program, check out our Team of the Week 1 article.

TOTW 5 Players

LTD - Chris Harris Jr
POTW - Chase Claypool
Offense Hero - Randall Cunningham
Defense Hero - Lance Briggs
Mike Davis
Patrick Queen
Deshaun Watson - 85 OVR Power Up
Troy Reeder
Travis Fulgham
Kyler Fackrell

TOTW 5 Sets

Player of the Week: Chase Claypool
Earn 91 OVR Chase Claypool by completing his set that requires the following:

Mike Davis
Patrick Queen
2x Deshaun Watson
2x Troy Reeder

Offense Hero: Randall Cunningham
Earn 91 OVR Randall Cunningham and his Power Up by completing his set that requires the following:

2x Mike Davis
3x Deshaun Watson
3x Travis Fulgham

Defense Hero: Lance Briggs
Earn 91 OVR Lance Briggs and his Power Up by completing his set that requires the following:

2x Patrick Queen
3x Troy Reeder
3x Kyler Fackrell

80-88 OVR TOTW - Week 5
Exchange 8x 78-82 OVR players to earn a random 80-88 OVR TOTW 5 player.

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