Team of the Week 1 - MUT 21

Team of the Week 1 is live! If you've been playing Madden Ultimate Team for years, you're going to notice some pretty dramatic changes to the TOTW program this year. Here's an overview of what's changing:

Offense/Defense Heroes are now from past seasons
This week's Offense/Defense Heroes are Arian Foster and Bryant Young. These are players that are no longer in the league. Think of TOTW Heroes this season as flashbacks to dominant performances in the past.

The Player of the Week is a top performer from the current week
This week's Player of the Week is Davante Adams. He had 14 receptions, 156 yards, and 2 touchdowns in the Packers' week 1 win over the Vikings.

The Limited TOTW player is an active player with a historic performance in the past in the current week
This week's LTD TOTW player is T.J. Watt. He was selected because of his dominant performance in week 1 of 2018. He had 3 sacks and 10 total tackles against the Browns. This new T.J. Watt will be in packs for a limited time.

Other TOTW players will receive a +1 OVR tier to their existing Power Up
Russell Wilson was included in TOTW 1 for his 322 yards and 4 TDs against the Falcons. Instead of receiving a new 89 OVR player item, his Power Up now has a new tier to take him to 89 OVR. There is not a new and expensive Russell Wilson to chase just because he was selected for Team of the Week. If the player selected does not have a Power Up, he will not immediately receive one. However, it is likely that TOTW players without existing Power Ups will be included in future Power Up expansions.

New Team of the Week "Player Collectibles" have lower OVRs than the players' existing items
Continuing with the Russell Wilson example, he currently has an 87 OVR Core Elite item. His TOTW Player Collectible item is 86 OVR. Player Collectibles are used in the sets to unlock the Player of the Week and the Offense/Defense heroes.

Now that that's out of the way, let's look at the new TOTW 1 content:

TOTW 1 Players

LTD T.J. Watt
Offense Hero Arian Foster
Defense Hero Bryant Young
Player of the Week Davante Adams
Stephon Gilmore - 90 OVR Power Up
Russell Wilson - 89 OVR Power Up
Chris Jones - 88 OVR Power Up
Adam Thielen - 85 OVR Power Up
Josh Jacobs - 84 OVR Power Up
Ryan Kerrigan - 82 OVR Power Up

TOTW 1 Sets

Player of the Week: Davante Adams
Earn 89 OVR Davante Adams by completing a set that requires the following:

Russell Wilson
Stephon Gilmore
2x Adam Thielen
2x Chris Jones

Offense Hero: Arian Foster
Earn 89 OVR Arian Foster and his Power Up by completing a set that requires the following:

2x Russell Wilson
3x Adam Thielen
5x Josh Jacobs

Defense Hero: Bryant Young
Earn 89 OVR Bryant Young and his Power Up by completing a set that requires the following:

2x Stephon Gilmore
3x Chris Jones
5x Ryan Kerrigan

78-86 OVR TOTW - Week 1
Exchange 6x 75-80 OVR players to earn a random 78-86 OVR TOTW 1 player.

What do you think of all of the changes to Team of the Week this season?