MUT 20 Zero Chill Program: Part II

Part II of the Zero Chill Program is here! Below you will find a breakdown of all the new players and challenges introduced with today's update.

For those who may have missed it last week, a new currency (Kindling) has been added to Ultimate Team for the Zero Chill Program. You can earn Kindling in Zero Chill Challenges and by quickselling Zero Chill Players. Kindling can be used to purchase Zero Chill packs and players in the store, similar to Training Points.

If you're planning on completing the Holiday Puzzle or purchasing Gifts from the Store, be sure to complete them soon as both expire tomorrow (12/24) after 6 pm ET.

For an overview of Part I of the Zero Chill Program, click here.


The Zero Chill Master for Part II is 95 OVR Walter Payton. You can acquire ZC Payton by completing his set that requires 94 ZC Jason Kelce, 93 ZC Marcus Peters, and 92 ZC Cameron Heyward. Once completed, you will receive your choice of 1 NAT version of a player used in the set, plus 95 OVR Walter Payton and his Power Up item.

Zero Chill Players

94 Jason Kelce
93 Marcus Peters
92 Cameron Heyward
90 Jordan Reed
89 Eddie Goldman
88 Mike Daniels
87 Mike McGlinchey
86 Jessie Bates III
85 Gardner Minshew II
84 Chidobe Awuzie
83 Jack Doyle
82 Zach Fulton
81 Pat Elflein
79 Jarrad Davis
79 Dwayne Haskins Jr
78 T.J. Carrie
78 Andy Isabella


More solo challenges were released today by EA. Details below:

Snow Day: 10 additional Challenges, 5,500 Coins, 100 Kindling, 50 Stars possible

The Hearth

The Hearth is a limited-time House Rules event against the CPU that you can play as much as you want! There will be a new event each week with new rules. Win these games to earn Hearth Packs. Hearth Packs can contain Kindling, Frozen Players, Small Presents, or Holiday Puzzle Pieces. Check below for a breakdown of this week's event:


This week's rules are +3 points per first down, +5 points per 15-yard TD, 3 attempts at a first down, no special teams, and the game starts with 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Your deficit to start the game depends on the difficulty you choose:

1 Star Difficulty: Down by 15
2 Star Difficulty: Down by 30
3 Star Difficulty: Down by 45

Limited Time H2H Hearth Events

Play limited-time H2H Hearth Events to earn Gingerbread Man Collectibles and Hearth Packs. Rules refresh for this event every Monday at 10 AM ET. This week we're playing Hearth Snowstorm. Similar to the CPU version, it's +3 points per first down, +5 points per 15-yard TD, 3 attempts at a first down, and no special teams. However, these games last for 1 quarter. Earn a Hearth Pack for each win and 1x Gingerbread Man Collectible at the following win totals: 5-15-30-50-70-90-100-110-120-130-145-160-175-190 Wins. Rewards are cumulative over the entire 3-week program.

What are your thoughts on Zero Chill Part II?