MUT 20 Zero Chill Program Overview

The Zero Chill Program has returned to Madden Ultimate Team today with new players, sets, challenges, and store items. Today's content is only the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to check back each day for the latest news! Below you will find an overview of everything you need to know about the Zero Chill Program.

A new currency (Kindling) has been added to Ultimate Team for the Zero Chill Program. You can earn Kindling in Zero Chill Challenges and by quickselling Zero Chill Players. Kindling can be used to purchase Zero Chill packs and players in the store, similar to Training Points. When you first enter MUT, you will receive a Welcome Pack containing a MUT Tip worth 25 Kindling and a NAT 82 OVR Bruce Smith item.

Don't forget to earn your Team Captain Token for completing a few solos! (Details under Challenges)


The Zero Chill Master is 95 OVR Bruce Smith. You can acquire ZC Bruce Smith by completing his set that requires 94 ZC Christian McCaffrey, 93 ZC Derwin James, and 92 ZC Darius Leonard. Once completed, you will receive your choice of 1 NAT version of a player used in the set, plus 95 OVR Bruce Smith and his Power Up item.

Gingerbread Masters

Earn the following Gingerbread Masters by completing their set (details under sets) by using Gingerbread Man Collectibles earned from Zero Chill Challenges.

Zero Chill Players

94 Christian McCaffrey
93 Derwin James
92 Darius Leonard
90 Anthony Castonzo
89 Jason Pierre-Paul
88 Jonathan Jones
87 Sam Hubbard
86 Tyrell Williams
85 Damontae Kazee
84 Duke Johnson Jr
83 Quincy Enunwa
82 Chase Roullier
81 Derrick Nnadi
79 Denzel Perryman
79 Maxx Williams
78 Kamalei Correa
78 Mike Remmers


The following sets have been added to Ultimate Team with the Zero Chill Program:

Holiday Puzzle- Gather 15x Holiday Puzzle Pieces to complete the cozy holiday scene and get a medium (or better) gift. Not repeatable. Expires 12/24 at 10 AM ET.
Holiday Puzzle Collectible Exchange- Exchange any 2x Holiday Puzzle Pieces to get a fantasy pack containing your choice of any 1x Puzzle Piece. Expires 12/24 at 10 AM ET.
Hearth- Defrost Frozen Player items here along with a 100 Kindling quicksell and find out who's inside! Expires 1/3 at 10 AM ET.
Zero Chill Master Bruce Smith- Exchange 94 McCaffrey, 93 James, and 92 Leonard for Master Bruce Smith, his Power Up, and your choice of 1 NAT player used in the set.
Gingerbread Master Adrian Peterson- 3x Gingerbread Master Collectible. NAT Item comes equipped with First One Free. Expires 1/10 at 10 AM ET.
Gingerbread Master Amari Cooper- 4x Gingerbread Master Collectible. NAT Item comes equipped with Double Me and his Power Up item. Expires 1/10 at 10 AM ET.
Gingerbread Master Ted Hendricks- 6x Gingerbread Master Collectible. NAT Item comes equipped with Reinforcement and his Power Up item. Expires 1/10 at 10 AM ET.


New Challenges will be released throughout the Zero Chill Program. Check below to see what's currently live:

Zero Chill Challenges

Snow Day: 10 Challenges, 5,500 Coins, 100 Kindling, 50 Stars possible


Below is a list of rewards for Zero Chill Challenges:

10 Stars: Team Captain Token
20 Stars: Zero Chill Away Uniform
30 Stars: Gingerbread Man Collectible
60 Stars: Gingerbread Man Collectible
100 Stars: Zero Chill Home Uniform
120 Stars: Gingerbread Man Collectible
150 Stars: 100 Kindling
180 Stars: Gingerbread Man Collectible
210 Stars: Gingerbread Man Collectible
240 Stars: Gingerbread Man Collectible
270 Stars: 100 Kindling
310 Stars: 2x Gingerbread Man Collectible
350 Stars: 2x Gingerbread Man Collectible
390 Stars: 2x Gingerbread Man Collectible
434 Stars: 88-91 OVR NAT Zero Chill Player

The Hearth

The Hearth is a limited-time House Rules event against the CPU that you can play as much as you want! There will be a new event each week with new rules. Win these games to earn Hearth Packs. Hearth Packs can contain Kindling, Frozen Players, Small Presents, or Holiday Puzzle Pieces. Check below for a breakdown of this week's event:

Snowball Fight

This week's rules are +2 points per reception, -1 point per incompletion, +5 points per interception, no special teams, and the game starts with 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Your deficit to start the game depends on the difficulty you choose:

1 Star Difficulty: Down by 25
2 Star Difficulty: Down by 40
3 Star Difficulty: Down by 55

Limited Time H2H Hearth Events

Play limited-time H2H Hearth Events to earn Gingerbread Man Collectibles and Hearth Packs. Rules refresh for this event every Monday at 10 AM ET. This week we're playing Hearth Snowball Fight. Similar to the CPU version, it's +2 points per reception, -1 point per incompletion, +5 points per interception, and no special teams. However, these games last for 1 quarter. Earn a Hearth Pack for each win and 1x Gingerbread Man Collectible at the following win totals: 5-15-30-50-70-90-100-110-120-130-145-160-175-190 Wins. Rewards are cumulative over the entire 3-week program.


Below is a breakdown of new Store offerings and their cost with Zero Chill:

85+ OVR Zero Chill Player- 150 Points.
Zero Chill Pack- 35,000 Coins or 600 Points.
2x Zero Chill Bundle- 1,050 Points. Limit of 6.
10x Zero Chill Bundle- 5,850 Points. Limit of 4.
78+ OVR Zero Chill Player- 625 Training.
85+ OVR Zero Chill Player- 930 Kindling.
78+ OVR Zero Chill Only Player- 255 Kindling.
100 Kindling Quicksell- 100 Kindling.
92-94 OVR Zero Chill Hero- 5,850 Kindling.
Large Gift- 4,170 Kindling. Opens 12/25.
Medium Gift- 1,290 Kindling. Opens 12/25.
Small Gift- 240 Kindling. Opens 12/25.
Zero Chill Premium Uniform Bundle- 1,000 Points. Limit of 1.
Zero Chill Premium Uniform Fantasy Pack- 600 Points.

What are your thoughts on this year's Zero Chill Program so far? Let us know in the comments below.