MUT 10: Randy Moss

This week's MUT 10th Anniversary player is straight cash, homie! The original inspiration for the term "Mossed", Hall of Famer, and all-time Madden great, Randy Moss, is back in Ultimate Team. He can be found in packs now until Monday 9/23 at 10 am ET. Be sure to complete his limited-time solo challenge before it expires Monday morning to earn his Power Up item and MUT 10 Collectible.

If you need a refresher, click the following for an overview of the MUT 10th Anniversary Program.

Since we have reached the halfway mark, let's recap who's been released so far and which positions are yet to come:

Week 1 (HB)- Bo Jackson

Week 2 (MLB)- Patrick Willis

Week 3 (QB)- Michael Vick

Week 4 (DL)- Julius Peppers

Week 5 (WR)- Randy Moss

Safety- ?

Offensive Line- ?

Cornerback- ?

Tight End- ?

Wildcard- ?

Who do you think the remaining players will be?