MUT 10th Anniversary

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Madden Ultimate Team! EA Sports is celebrating this milestone over the next 10 weeks by releasing 1 new player item in packs each week for a limited amount of time. According to Jake Stein on Good Morning Madden, these will be players that many consider to be transcendent at their position. Based off that info and Kraelo's vow of silence to avoid spoilers, we're excited to see who's coming our way!

Weekly Challenges and Set

In addition to a new limited-time player, there will also be 1 new challenge released each week. Completing each player's weekly challenge will reward you with the Power Up item for that week's corresponding player and a collectible needed for the 10th anniversary set. If you are able to earn all 10 collectibles for the set, you will be granted a Fantasy Pack containing all 10 of the weekly, limited-time players to select a NAT version of the player you choose. You must complete all 10 weekly challenges to finish the set; so do not skip a week!

To find out the first player being released, check back here at 4 pm ET today! Who do you think these "transcendent" players will be?