Zero Chill: Out of Position (OOP) Release 2

The second wave of Out of Position (OOP) players was released today, featuring OOP Master Vita Vea (HB). You can acquire OOP Players by purchasing a 93 OVR OOP Hero pack for 5,620 Kindling or an 85+ OOP Player pack for 925 Kindling in the Store. HB Vita Vea can be acquired by finishing his Master set that requires OOP J.J. Watt and OOP Quenton Nelson. Once you complete the OOP Master Set, you will receive Master HB Vita Vea (auctionable). Check out all of the new items and their ratings below:

New Challenges

In addition to OOP release 2, EA also added new solo challenges. Details below:

OOP Training Camp: 14 additional Challenges, 7,700 Coins, 140 Kindling, 70 Stars possible

What are your thoughts on today's OOP content?