Zero Chill: Ghosts of Madden Present and New OOPs

Ghosts of Madden Present, a new round of OOP players, and the 7th sequence in "How the Grouch Won MUTmas" released this morning in MUT. We also got a preview of one of this week's 'The 50' players that will release tomorrow. Check out all of today's new content below:


Ghosts of Madden Present

95 J.J. Watt (Master)
95 Alvin Kamara (Found in the 89+ Ghost of Present Madden Pack in the Store)
93 Eric Kendricks
91 Cam Newton
89 Xavier Rhodes


95 Taysom Hill (TE)
93 Mike Evans (CB)
90 Cordarrelle Patterson (HB)
87 Chad Johnson (K)
84 Robert Woods (TE)


The following new Sets can be found in MUT with today's Zero Chill release:

  • Present Master: J.J. Watt - Exchange Ghosts of Madden 1x Kendricks, 2x Newton, and 4x Rhodes for 95 OVR J.J. Watt. You will also receive his Power Up and NAT versions of all 3 players you put into the set.
  • OOP Master: Taysom Hill - Exchange 1x Evans, 2x Patterson, 4x Johnson, and 6x Woods for 95 OVR OOP Taysom Hill.



How the Grouch Won MUTmas

The 7th sequence in the Grouch solo challenge sequence was released today. Similar to House Rules, today's solo sequence has the following special conditions:

20 Yards for a First Down
5 Points for a First Down
5 Points for a Passing TD
10 Points for a Rushing TD
No Special Teams

  • Reindeer Games - 7 Challenges, 3,500 Coins, 35 Stars possible



The following new items can be found in the Store (cost listed first):

89+ Ghost of Madden Present - 14,750 Snow. Contains 1x 89+ Ghost of Present Madden Player.
Present Spectral Pack - 1,050 Points. Contains 1x 89+ Ghost of Present Madden Player and 1x Chill Factor Rank Up quicksell. Limit of 1. Expires on 12/24 in the evening around 7-8 PM ET.


In Other News

This week's release of 'The 50' is scheduled for tomorrow instead of the usual Friday cadence. Here's a preview of one player from that release:


What are your thoughts on today's Zero Chill release?