ZAN's Corner: Use THIS "Run" vs. Big Dime 1-4-6

Welcome back to ZAN's Corner,

This week on the show, we show the value of the "Jet Touch Pass" that you can find in most offensive playbooks in Madden 20. The Big Dime 1-4-6 DB Sting 2 Buzz is a defense that you have assuredly faced online, whether in MUT Head-to-Head, Salary Cap, Draft Champions, or even if you dabble in "Regs" Head-to-Head with the actual NFL rosters. With this style of defense, it makes the offense's job fairly difficult to establish a reliable run game from the Shotgun. While there are many undercenter formations that do a solid job of establishing the run against this particular defenses, you will see largely inconsistent results with most shotgun runs - EXCEPT for the Jet Touch pass.

This play was found in the Spread playbook, however you can use our Playbook Tool on PlaybookGG (Click Here) to find the Jet Touch Passes in your favorite playbook(s).

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