Wildcard Wednesday- Veterans I

Listen, I know the MCS style of play isn't everyone's cup of tea (and I know most of you were just watching to get rewards) but I hope you found at least one moment of fun last night watching the MCS Ultimate Kickoff. I know I had a blast calling it and it was cool seeing how many of you posted in the forums that you watched so thank you.

We have our first set of Vets into the game on Wildcard Wednesday today. You can purchase an 88+ veteran player in the store for 2,700 training. Our Vets into the game of Madden include Joe "Not a Schmo" Haden, Jimmy "Teddy" Graham, Sweet Hands Sammy Watkins, D.J. "This Is A PG Stream So Don't" Swearinger, and Jamie "Tom" Collins. Honestly, that Jimmy Graham might be the best item out of the bunch with his size and 87 stock speed, but Swearinger might see some play in Nickle packages. Check out all of the new items into the game below!