Wildcard Wednesday Power Ups: A. Peterson, L. Fitzgerald, and more

For this week's Wildcard Wednesday, we have a Power Up Expansion! Today's expansion includes 10 new Power Up player items and 5 new Solo Challenges that reward 2x Power Ups from today's release, along with a 'The 50' Power Up Fantasy pack, letting you select the Power Up item of your choice from 6 possible players released so far in 'The 50' program. Check out all the new items and Solo Challenge details below:

Power Ups


Play these new challenges to earn new Power Up players! These challenges expire at 10 AM ET on October 21st. Completing challenge #1 will reward you with a random Wildcard Wednesday Power Up player item. Completing challenge #5 will reward you with a Fantasy pack allowing you to select the Power Up of your choice from today's newly released PU items. If you reach the maximum number of stars for these challenges (15) then you will be rewarded with a 'The 50' Power Up Fantasy pack.

  • Power Ups - 5 Challenges, 5,450 Coins, 1x random Wildcard Wednesday Power Up, 1x Wildcard Wednesday Power Up Fantasy Pack, 15 Stars possible




Will you be picking up one of these new Power Ups for your Ultimate Team? Share your thoughts on today's Power Up Expansion in the comments below.