Wildcard Wednesday Heavyweights: Tunsil, Incognito, and more

Wildcard Wednesday is a new weekly program this year that focuses on new player items from previous year's programs. The theme for this week's release is Heavyweights and we have an entire new O-Line to highlight. Laremy Tunsil, Richie Incognito, Brandon Linder, Kevin Zeitler, and Lane Johnson have all been released and can be found on the Auction House or by purchasing an 89 OVR Heavyweights Player pack from the Store that costs 3,800 Training Points. Heavyweights Player packs contain 1x random Heavyweights Player item. Each of today's Heavyweights discards for 3,600 Training Points. Check out the new items and their ratings below:


What are your thoughts on Wildcard Wednesday and today's Heavyweights?