Wildcard Wednesday - Heavyweights III

Beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, ram, hogs, dogs....we all becoming heavyweights tomorrow!! It's Wildcard Wednesday and we get some more of the big dogs into Madden NFL 22 with the Heavyweights program. A reminder that you can find these players in the Heavyweights Player Packs (10,200 Training) which has a random 91+ Heavyweights Player. Let me just dust off the ol Nick Mizesko Nickname Machine...its been idle while I had pneumonia and was out of town. Let me just...ok its plugged in. This weeks players include Erik "The Real" McCoy, Quinnen "The Big Q" Williams, Frank "The Tank" Clark, Trent "In the TRENTches" Williams, and Jonah "He Ain't Michael But He Bad" Jackson. Check out all the players below and, of course, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thankful to have gotten to know y'all here at Muthead!