Wildcard Wednesday Heavyweights II

These boys are heavy and we are certainly not gonna wait for them, its Wildcard Wednesday Heavyweights today! If you are looking to beef up the trenches these are the guys who can help you out, especially for you budget ballers out there. These players are in the Heavyweights Packs that cost 3350 training, which will give you a random 88+ OVR Heavyweights player (or you can try to pull them in the multitude of other packs in the store. Today, we have in the game of Madden 22 boots up random nickname generator....Flyin' Ryan Kelly, Taylor "The Motor" Moton, Ndamukong "Stompy" Suh, Michael "Not Brosnan" Pierce, and Andrew "Do Well" Norwell. Check out all the player below!

Wildcard Wednesday- Heavyweights