Wildcard Wednesday- Flashbacks IV

It's always important to look towards the future, but let us never forget to look to the past for guidance. In this case, it means we are getting Flashbacks for Wildcard Wednesday. A reminder that these players can all be found in packs, or specifically in Flashback Player Packs where you can get a random 90+ OVR Flashbacks Player for 9k training. This weeks additions to the Flashbacks Program are Jason Verrett (93 SPD/ACC at CB), Phillip Lindsay (92 SPD, 91 AGI, 90 COD), Mitchell Trubisky (86 SPD, 92 THP, Improviser archetype), Janoris Jenkins (92 SPD, 92 MCV, M2M CB), and Eric Kendricks (89 SPD MLB, Field General Archetype). Who of these players are you adding to the squad? Let me know in the comments below!