Wildcard Wednesday- Flashbacks II

ITS GETTIN WIIIIIILD ON WILDCARD WEDNESDAY! Okay maybe it isn't, like, SUPER wild....but we got 2 QBS from this set of Flashbacks. Remember, our last set of Flashbacks gave us the best QB in the game in Daniel Jones, so I'm interested to see your guys' opions on this set of Flashbacks. Todays items include A.J "If I Were A" Bouye, C.J. "Mr Flashback" Mosley, Micah Hyde and Go Seek, Ryan Tannehill the Mannehill, and Wham Bam Thank You Cam Newton. There are new challenges in the game (for a PUP of any one of todays players) and those count towards the 40 star mileston for the next WCW Fantasy Pack. Check out the players (with their former teams) below!

WCW- Flashbacks