Wild Card Review Challenges: Earn a Team Captain Token

A new sequence of Solo Challenges has been added to Madden Ultimate Team. Today's latest Challenges have been added to help address the extra Team Captain Token issue from Zero Chill. Team Captains now currently max out at 95 OVR. If you are one of the lucky few who received 2x Team Captain Tokens during Zero Chill, you can earn a Team Captain Token here as well, but you can not upgrade past 95 at the moment due to an OVR cap on Captains. Additional tiers will become available throughout the year. Check out the new Solo Challenge details below:

  • Wild Card Review: 4 Challenges, 1x Team Captain Upgrade Token, 4,000 Coins, 12 Stars possible

These Challenges expire 1/24 at 10 am ET, so be sure to complete at least the first game to earn your Captain Token! All 4 Challenges begin in the 4th quarter or overtime, so they go by fast.

Were you part of the lucky few to receive an extra Captain Token during Zero Chill or does today's latest update help you catch up? Let us know in the comments below.