Week 18 TOTW and NTOTW

The final Team of the Week for the 2022 regular season is upon us! The LTD's this week are both fighting it out in the trenches, as LG Damien Lewis of the Seahawks and DJ Reader of the Bengals join the squad. Reader gets Goal Line Stuff and Demoralizer for 0 AP, while Lewis counters with Lifeguard and All Day for 0 AP. The OPOW this week is Nyheim Hines, who housed the opening kickoff for the Bills...and then hit us with the double trouble for a second return. The DPOW is Mike Danna of the Chiefs, who I found out wasn't a 70's sitcom cop who lives on the edge. (For a full list of Week 18 TOTW, click HERE)

In honor of TOTW dropping, we thought that we should also drop out Not TOTW. These are guys that probably will want to forget about their week 18 performance and would not want an iteme released in Madden for it. On the offensive side of the ball, the ONPOW (sounds like a Batman sound effect) would go to the Tom Brady defeater in the playoffs, but dud against the Commanders, Dak Prescott. I mean, 14/37 passing for 128 yards...against the Commanders. Dak's NPOW card would be a 64 OVR with 55 AWR and all below 70 accuracies.

Defensively, the NPOW isn't necessarily for a performance, but a single play...I'm looking at you Quay Walker. You pushed a trainer, for no reason, and that got you ejected for a second time this year. What are you doing young fella? Walker's item is a 54 OVR with 1 AWR and 85 PMV.

Who are your NPOW? Let us know in the comments!