WCW- Flashbacks V

You know we are back to normal when Wildcard Wednesday is back!! This week it is the Flashbacks program back in the game, as we take a look back on some amazing performances by these individual players. All of these items are live in the game now and you can also purchase a Flashback Players Pack (containing a random 92+ OVR Flashback) in the store for 17k training. For the first time in 2022, we bring back the Nick Mizesko Patented Nickname Generator and....okay this weeks players are Baker "Which Team Do I Play For" Mayfield, Michael "Megathom" Thomas, Chandler "Not Bing" Jones, Whitney "Oh Please Have" Mercilus, and "24k" Golden Tate. Check out all the players below and let me know if you are grabbing any of these items for your squad!