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Ultimate Madden Bowl presented by PS5 Preview- Day 2

Day 2 of the Ultimate Madden Bowl presented by PS5 kicks off at 7pm EST tonight, with pregame at 6:30pm EST. We will have a recap of all 6 games from the first 2 days tomorrow, but for now lets take a look at a jam packed day of action.

DCroft vs Wesley - With 17 EA Major appearances between the two of them, these guys are some of the most experienced players in the game. DCroft is looking to reclaim some of the magic that lead him to a 2nd place finish in the Madden 20 bowl. Wesley, on the other hand, was runner up to former crewmate Henry in the Madden 22 Ultimate Madden Bowl. Wesley is the all time leader in Friday Night Football wins as well. Prediction - this may be the game of the night. Both of these players when they are at their best are belt contenders. Flip a coin for me. Wesley - 22-21

Gucci vs Cole - Cole was the newcomer on the scene in the Ultimate Wild Card, making his first live event at 29 years old. He was able to upset CleffTheGod and give some respect to those PC Madden players like himself. On the flip side, Gucci has quietly had one of the more consistent seasons in Madden 23. He is in his 3rd live final of the year, looking to make it to his first final and cash in. Prediction - I love what Gucci has done so far this year. Cole runs a unique offense that I think gets better with the new AKA Lamar Jackson. Give me Cole in an upset. Cole - 17-14

CleffTheGod vs Kiv - MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING. I mean, let's be honest, this could be a belt game in any other tournament. Kiv, the Madden 18 Bowl Champion, fought his way through the LCQ to qualify for the Ultimate Madden Bowl. He is now the all time leader in EA Major Appearances at 12. Cleff is looking to get his first belt and shake off and upset loss in the Ultimate Wild Card. A 3 time runner-up, he is looking to become the oldest 1st time champion since Joke in Madden 20. Prediction - Don't make me pick this one. Can this be a tie? No? Fine... Kiv - 24-21

Tune in at 6:30p EST on the EA Madden NFL Twitch/YT!