Ultimate Legends- Willis, Shields, and Freeney

I read some of the comments from my last post and I heard a lot of comments about how cringe my writing style. And, you know, I certainly hear what you're saying. I will mold my writing personality to make sure that I appease you guys who don't enjoy the feel of my articles. With that in mind, we have some Ultimate Legends into the game on this checks calendar ......don't do it Nick. They don't like it, Nick. They don't checks calendar.........................................


Our first UL is a 49ers defensive legend who still haunts the minds of NFC West opponents. It is none other than former Ole Miss Rebel Patrick Willis. Willis is a Field General MLB who comes into the game with 95 SPD, 97 POW, and 97 PRC, so he will be able to help in both pass and run fits. On the offensive side, we get to beef up the offensive line. Who better to shore up the protection than a former Nebraska Cornhusker in Will Shields. Shields is an Agile Archetype RG and comes into the game with 95 STR, 99 RBK, and 96 PBK. If you are struggling with pressure or to open lanes for your RB, this is the guy to add.

Our LTD that is available for a short 48 hours is gonna get after the opposing QB just like he did in Indy. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome former Syracuse Orangeman Dwight Freeney!! Freeney is a Speed Rusher RE that comes into Ultimate Team with 93 SPD, 99 FMV, and 93 PMV. These players are live in packs NOW so go on....get to it! Check them out (with their former teams listed) below!