Ultimate Legends: Williams, Matthews, and Bell

Another legendary weekend is on the horizon, as it is time once again for EA to release more Ultimate Legends!! This week, we start things off with a player who spent his entire career with the Houston Oiler/Tennessee Titan organization (impressive feat for any player). He is a former USC Trojan and a beast on the offensive line: Mr. Bruce Matthews. At the anchor position of Center, he comes in with 94 STR, 97 PBK, and 98 RBK as an Agile archetype. On defense, the secondary gets some reinforcements with longtime Cardinal and St. Louis Ram, CB Aeneas Williams. The former Southern University standout (shoutout to the Jaguars), Williams comes into the game with 94 SPD, 98 MCV, and 94 ZCV. He may lack a bit in press coverage (only a 91 rating) but this man to man corner makes up for it with his great man coverage stats. Finally, the LTD for this week will make Chiefs fan happy to rip some packs. It is none other than the legendary outside linebacker who made it a nightmare for QBs, former Minnesota Golden Gopher Bobby Bell! This pass coverage archetype LOLB comes into the game with 92 SPD, 95 PRC, and 90 BSH, so he can help stop the run and defend the pass. These items are available in packs now and Bell will only be in packs for 48 hours, so get ripping! Check out the players (with their former teams) below!