Ultimate Legends - Taylor, Campbell, and Ngata

Happy Saturday to all the late June Madden warriors out there. I hope some of you were able to get your hands on a beta code from the forums, our MH streams, or over on our Muthead twitter. What did you guys think? Are you all excited for Madden 23? We also got a Gronk Tribute this week (see here: and heard that Weekend League is ending.

It is Ultimate Legend Saturday today, as the content team is still pushing out some 99s for your weekend. On the docket this week, we start off with LTD Jason Taylor. Taylor was an absolute beast with the Dolphins for so many years, and as a Run Stopper RE he will bring his 98 BSH to your squad and stop the tote gang. Now, if you are looking to join the dark side and be a toter, grab Earl Campbell. Campbell is a Power Back HB and will make every goal line situation that much easier with his 99 BTK. Ravens Nation, EA didn't forget about you as the defensive legend is Haloti Ngata. Ngata is a Run Stopper DT and the size of a house, so good luck running the ball up the middle against him. Let me know in the comments if you are chasing any of these players this weekend!