Ultimate Legends - Swann, Dumervil, DeLamielleure

Saturday is upon us once again as we creep through July and work one week closer to the Madden 23 launch. We have some Ultimate Legends dropping in the game starting off with a guy who I swear we get in July each year. Pittsburgh Steeler legend Lynn Swann is in the game as a Route Runner archetype Wide Receiver. He is 99 SPD with 97 SRR, 97 MRR, and 98 DRR. The defensive legend this week is none other than former Denver Bronco Elvis Dumervil. Dumervil is a Speed Rusher ROLB with 95 SPD, 97 BSH, 97 PMV, and 99 FMV. Last, but certainly not least, the LTD for this week (available in packs for 48 hrs) is Bills legend Joe DeLamielleure. He is an Agile archetype RG with 99 STR, 99 PBK, 99 RBK, and 97 AWR.

Are you adding any of these players to your squad? Everyone have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July here in the States!

Ultimate Legends