Ultimate Legends- Romo, Taylor, and Gonzalez

Elton John said that Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, but he neglected to mention that Saturday Morning's Perfect for Ultimate Legends...admittedly a less catchy song. We got 3 more Ultimate Legends into the game today, starting of with LTD Tony Romo. The former Eastern Illinois Panther is an Improviser archetype with 83 SPD, 98 RUN, and 99 DAC. Will he be remembered more as a football player of a commentator? Let me know in the comments.

The offensive legend is without a doubt one of the greatest Tight Ends in the game. It is none other than former Cal Golden Bear and longtime Kansas City Chief Tony Gonzalez. He is a Vertical Threat archetype TE with 92 SPD, 99 CTH and CIT, and 97 SPC.

The defensive legend was a beast in college and would certainly be one of the best in the game if he wasn't taken from us far too soon. The late great Miami Hurricane legend Sean Taylor is back in Madden 21. Taylor is always a staple on top defenses in MUT, and he comes into the game as a Zone archetype FS. Taylor has 97 SPD/ACC, 99 POW, and 97 ZCV. LTD Romo will be available for 48 hours, and Taylor/Gonzalez are available in packs, the auction house, and by completing their UL sets. Check out the players below!