Ultimate Legends - Rice, Thomas, and Robinson

Hey, for the first time in (checks notes) 8 weeks I'm home for a Saturday! Which means we get to talk about Ultimate Legends. We have 2 new legends and an LTD into Madden 22 (although I'm sure most of you are hunting for Golden Tickets). The LTD this week is...arguably the best receiver of all time (I say Randy Moss is, but I understand those who argue for this man) Jerry Rice. Rice is a Route Runner archetype with 97 SPD, 98 ACC, 97 SRR, 98 MRR, and 99 DRR. He also has a quicksell value of 250k coins.

The offensive legend this week is a former Wisconsin Badger who spent his entire career playing for YOUR Cleeeeeeveland Browns, Joe Thomas! Thomas is a Pass Protector LT with 98 STR, 98 RBK, and 99 PBK. On the defensive side, we have LOLB Dave Robinson (a Packer legend) coming to Madden. Robinson is a Pass Coverage LOLB with 96 SPD, 98 JMP, 99 BSH, 98 POW, and 97 ZCV. Check out all the Ultimate Legends below and let me know if you are snagging any of these beasts!