Ultimate Legends- McCaffery, Sapp, and Butler

Ullllllltimaaaaaaate Leeeeegendddds...I don't have any idea what tune that would be sung to so I will leave that open to interpretation. We have more Ultimate Legends here in the twilight months of Madden 21. Our LTD this week is none other than the Super Bowl Champion and Packer great LeRoy Butler! The former Florida State Seminole is a Zone archetype SS and has 96 SPD, 99 ZCV, and 98 PRC. Good luck getting a pass past this guy.

The offensive legend this week is the 3x Super Bowl champ and current coach of the Northern Colorado Bears Ed McCaffery. The former Stanford Cardinal is a Physical archetype WR with 94 SPD (ouch), 99 CIT, and 99 MRR to catch those tough passes over the middle of the field.

On defense, you can't have pancakes without syrup, and you can't have syrup without Sapp. Mr. Warren Sapp is a Power Rusher DT (and if you thought anything else you be crazy!) and has 99 BSH, 98 PMV, and 96 FMV. An absolute beast!

McCaffery and Sapp each have Career Edition sets in the game, which require 1x 97 OVR, 4x 93 OVR, and 4x 89 OVR of the respective player for their 99 OVR version. You can also exchange 2x 87-88 OVR legends, 5x 85-86 OVR legends, and 7x 83-84 OVR legends to get a Random Skill Edition of Sapp or McCaffery.

Check out this week's new players below!