Ultimate Legends- Lewis, Culpepper, and Lynch

It's officially Sunday and I am just now getting to a place with stable internet and a plug to charge my phone. What a day! I know it is late but let's talk Ultimate Legends. We got three more coming to the Ultimate Team arena. We start things off with the LTD and the Beast from Baltimore Ray Lewis. The former Miami Hurricane is a Field General MLB and is rocking 93 SPD, 99 POW, and 99 PRC.

The defensive legend was a mainstay on some of the best Tampa Bay Defenses and a leader of most of those. It is none other than the current GM of the San Francisco 49ers John Lynch! Lynch is a Zone Archetype SS and comes into the game with 94 SPD (seems a tad disrespectful), 98 ZCV, and 99 POW. Kind of all over the place with those ratings, huh?

The offensive legend was one of my favorite QBs to watch when I was younger. It is none other than Vikings legend and UCF Knight Daunte Culpepper. Culpepper is a Strong Arm QB with 98 THP, 90 SPD, and 98 DAC. Remember Lewis will only be available until Monday morning so get ripping. Check out the players below!