Ultimate Legends- Jones, Allen,and Vincent

Legend status: Achieved. It's time for some more Ultimate Legends and we have some great names coming to MUT today. First, the LTD today was so good on defense he made you go to church and pray for relief. It is none other than the 8x Pro Bowler Deacon Jones! The former Mississippi Valley State Delta Devil comes into the game with 86 SPD, 99 PMV, and 92 FMV as a Power Rusher RE.

On offense, we needed to beef up the offensive line a bit and no surprise its a former Cowboy. Yep, Larry Allen is here to protect the QB like he protected Troy Aikman. The former Sonoma State Seawolf is a Power archetype RG with 99 STR, 98 PBP, and 99 RBP.

On defense, we needed an NFL admin so EA gave us the current Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the NFL. You probably know him as Philadelphia Eagles legend Troy Vincent. The former Wisconsin Badger is a Zone archetype CB with 96 SPD/ACC, 98 ZCV, and 94 MCV. What do you guys think of the legends this week? Drop a comment and let me know. Have a wonderful weekend and check out the players below!