Ultimate Legends- Jackson, Taylor, and Barber

Thank you for all of your patience. Been on a plane since early this morning and just got to where I can load up the site. It's the weekend so we have Ultimate Legends into the game of Madden Ultimate Team and we got some big names today. The LTD is former Virginia Cavalier and Super Bowl Champion Ronde Barber. Barber enters the game with 96 SPD, 97 COD, and 98 MCV. The offensive legend is the star of Tecmo Bowl and 2 sport legend Bo Jackson. The former Auburn Tiger is back in Madden with 99 SPD, 98 ACC, and 99 TRK (no surprise there). On defense, we get the 2x Super Bowl Champion and New York Giant beast Lawrence Taylor. Taylor comes into the game of Madden, with 94 SPD, 97 ACC, and 99 PMV as a Power Rusher OLB. Remember Barber will only be in packs until Monday morning so make sure you get him while you can!



  • 99 OVR Jackson/Taylor- Exchange 1x 97 OVR, 4x 93 OVR, and 4x 89 OVR versions of the respective item
  • Random Skill Edtion Jackson/Taylor turn in any 2 87-88 OVR ULs, 5x 85-86 OVR ULs, and 7x 83-84 OVR ULs to earn a Random Skill Edition of the respective item