Ultimate Legends: J. Thomas, Mean J. Greene, and LTD C. Okoye

Joe Thomas, Mean Joe Greene, and LTD Christian Okoye are today's latest Ultimate Legends arriving in Madden Ultimate Team. Thomas and Greene each have a Boss Edition (98 OVR), 2x Game Editions (94-96 OVR), and 3x Skill Editions (88-90 OVR). The Sets for these Ultimate Legends require all 5x non-Boss versions to complete. Take on each of today's non-LTD Ultimate Legends to earn a Skill Position player and their Power Up Player items. Beat the Kickoff Challenge to earn an Ultimate Legends Token before it ends on 3/28 at 10 AM ET. LTD Christian Okoye can be found in packs for the next 48 hours until 10 AM ET on 3/23. Check out all of today's latest items below:

Joe Thomas

Mean Joe Greene

Christian Okoye

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