Ultimate Legends: George, Brooks, and Gates

Happy weekend MUTHead family! We got some Ultimate Legends released into the game today that I'm excited for because I'm a biased human being who enjoys seeing his team represented. You may be asking yourself, "Nick, first of all, we know that. Second of all, there are no Cleveland Browns today you dingus!" Fear not my friends because I have many personal biases that EA can take my money for...because our first legend into the game today is not only a former Tennessee Titan, but he is a Heisman Trophy winner from THE Ohio State University, Mr. Edward Nathan George Jr. The 4x Pro Bowler comes into the game of Madden with 94 SPD, 97 TRK (move...person get out the way in the censored words of Ludacris), and 97 BTK. Defensively, our legend is longtim Tampa Bay Buccaneer and former Florida State Seminole Derrick Brooks. The former owner of Arena Football's Tampa Bay Storm is a Pass Coverage ROLB, with 92 SPD, 97 PRC, and 97 TAK. LTD wise, we get one of the best Tight Ends to ever play the game. That's right, it's former Cleveland Brown Kellen Winsl...checks notes....oh. It's former Kent State Golden Flash and Los Angeles Charger Antonio Gates. Gates comes into the game at 6'4, 255 lbs and is a Possession Archetype TE> He is rocking a 90 SPD rating, 96 SRR and a 96 MRR rating. UL's are live in packs NOW and Gates will only be available for 48 hours! Check them out (with their former teams) below!

Ultimate Legends