Ultimate Legends: Favre, Banks, and Evans

Hey guys...depressed Ohio State fan and Muthead CM Nick here. After spending the night after FNF hiding under my desk with a bottle of Jack, I remembered the one thing that would get me through this dark time in my life...Ultimate....LEGENDS! GET HYPED PEOPLE (DJ Airhorn)! We have 3 awesome legends that released today. The LTD UL is Super Bowl Champion and Saint stahlwart RG Jahri Evans. If you are looking to shore up your offensive line, grab Evans while you can. He's rocking a 94 STR rating, 97 PBK/RBK, with a 99 RBF rating. Running the ball, pass the ball it doesn't matter, Evans is gonna be a beast against those Double or Nothings. The defensive legend is 2 time SB Champion, longtime New York Giant, and one time Cleveland Brown Carl Banks. Oh, and he went to my alma mater Michigan State University. Banks is a run stopper LOLB, coming in with 91 SPD and 95 ACC to try and stop those bounces outside. Banks has a maxed 99 BSH rating as well, so if you are having trouble with those Power O and Buck Sweep runs, grab Carl Banks and put him on the squad. I'm trying to pronounce the offensive legends name. Fav-ree, Favor checks notes ohhhhhhh BRETT FAVRE!! Yeah the former Southern Miss Golden Eagle is back slinging the rock with this Ultimate Legend item. Starting off with 81 spd as a Strong Arm archetype, Favre shows off that cannon with a 99 THP rating to make those tight window throws you need. He also has a stellard 95 throw on the run rating to reduce those inaccurate penalties. These 3 legends are available in packs now so grab them while you can! Check them out below (with their former teams listed):