Ultimate Legends: E. Dickerson, R. Woodson, and LTD A. Reed

New Ultimate Legends were released in Ultimate Team this morning, featuring Eric Dickerson, Rod Woodson, and LTD Andre Reed. Dickerson and Woodson each have a Boss Edition (97 OVR), 2x Game Editions (93-95 OVR), and 3x Skill Editions (87-89 OVR). The Sets for these Ultimate Legends require all 5x non-Boss versions to complete. Take on each of today's non-LTD Ultimate Legends to earn a Skill Position player and their Power Up Player items. Beat the Kickoff Challenge to earn an Ultimate Legends Token before it ends on 2/29 at 10 AM ET. LTD Andre Reed can be found in packs for the next 48 hours until 10 AM ET on 2/24. Check out all of today's latest items below:

Eric Dickerson

Rod Woodson

Andre Reed

Will any of today's Ultimate Legends make your Ultimate Team? Share your thoughts on today's content with us in the comments below.