Ultimate Legends: Dawkins, Cunningham, Bruce, and more

Ultimate Legends have arrived in MUT 21, featuring 10 all-time greats to jump-start the program! Harry Carson and Isaac Bruce are both making their first appearances in MUT 21 with today's UL release. There are 4 versions of each of today's Ultimate Legends: 1x Career Edition (97 OVR) and 3x Skill Editions ranging from 87-95 OVR (Physical, Mental, and Versatile). Check out the Career Edition of each new Ultimate Legend and all of their former teams below:

Career Editions

To view all versions of today's Ultimate Legends, visit the Muthead Database.


The following new Sets can be found in MUT with today's Ultimate Legends release:

  • Career Edition UL (97 OVR) - There is one set for each of today's players that will reward you with their 97 OVR Career Edition once completed. Requires 1x 95 OVR Skill Edition, 4x 91 OVR Skill Edition, and 4x 87 OVR Skill Edition of that particular player.
  • Random Skill Edition (87-95 OVR) - There is one set for each of today's players that will reward you with a random Skill Edition (87-95 OVR) of that particular player. Requires any 3x 85-86 Legends Players and any 6x 83-84 OVR Legends Players.
  • Ultimate Legends Token Exchange - Turn in 15x Ultimate Legend Tokens to earn a random Auctionable/Tradeable Career Edition Ultimate Legend. This will be updated each week when new Ultimate Legends arrive.



The following new Challenges can be found in MUT:

Ultimate Legends Kickoff Token

Play these challenges each week to earn Ultimate Legends Kickoff Tokens. This week's challenge expires on 2/20 at 10:15 AM ET.

  • Ultimate Legends Kickoff Token - 1 Challenge, 700 Coins, 1 UL Token, 4 Stars possible

Ultimate Legends Launch Release

Each of today's Ultimate Legends has a corresponding solo challenge that will reward you with that player's Power Up item once completed.

  • Ultimate Legends Launch Release - 10 Challenges, 29,000 Coins, 10 Power Up items, 40 Stars possible


What are your thoughts on the MUT 21 debut of Ultimate Legends?