Ultimate Legends- Brown, Woodson, and Hester

The world is playing the beta right now, but Madden 21 still has content dropping here in June! Ultimate Legends are a staple of the weekend and WE GOT JIM BROWN HERE WE GO BROWNIES HERE WE GO WOOF WOOF....ahem apologies. Yes, Jim Brown is the offensive legend as a Power Back archetype with 96 SPD, 96 ACC, 99 TRK, and 99 BTK.

The defensive legend is another AFC North star who spent a lot of time wrecking wide receivers (try saying that 5 times fast). It is none other than Purdue standout Rod Woodson! Woodson is a Slot Archetype CB wit 97 SPD/ACC, 98 MCV, and 96 ZCV. Are you gonna be adding Woodson to your squad?

Finally, special teams matter ladies and gentlemen and we got one of the best to ever return kicks...ok the best in my opinon. The LTD is of course, Bears legend Devin Hester. Hester is, no surprise, a Returner archetype WR with 99 SPD (duh), 95 DRR, and 91 JMP. Hester is available until Monday morning, so get ripping! Check out the players below!