TOTW Week 9

What a wild week, huh? The Bills lost to the Jags, the Raiders lost to the Giants, and the Lions lost to their bye week. The NFL is living up to the moniker of any given Sunday!

TOTW for week 9 is a doozy, starting off with LTD Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben is a Field General QB with 93 THP, 95 Short/Mid Accuracy, 90 DAC, and 69 SPD (nice). The Offensive Hero of the Week is former Miami Hurrican Willis McGahee at HB. He is a Power Back with 91 SPD, 92 ACC, 93 TRK, and 88 COD. The Defensive Hero is Bucs legend Ronde Barber. Barber is a Man to Man CB iwth 92 SPD/ACC, 91 AGI, 92 MCV, and 88 ZCV. Player of the Week is Bills QB Josh Allen who had a monstrous week with check notes oh it's Jags LOLB Josh Allen who made QB Josh Allen his child this weekend. Allen is a Speed Rusher with 90 SPD, 91 ACC, 93 FMV, and 87 BSH. Who are you going to be adding to the team? Let me know in the comments!


LTD- Ben Roethlisberger

POTW- Josh Allen

Hero- Willis McGahee

Hero- Ronde Barber

89 OVR- James Conner

89 OVR- Xavier McKinney

86 OVR- Elijah Moore

86 OVR- Jeffrey Simmons

82 OVR- Lamar Jackson

82 OVR- Troy Hill