TOTW Week 8

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a happy Tuesday to everyone. I took a couple days off and went and saw some family...and watched the Browns embarass themselves once again. Pretty run of the mill weekend if you ask me. Week 8 provided us with plenty of surprises (winning QBs Mike White, Cooper Rush, and Trevor Siemian oh my) as we near the halfway point of the season. This weeks POTW is Patriots FS Adrian Phillips who had 2 INTS against the LA Chargers. Phillips has 90 SPD, 93 ACC, 89 SCV, and 93 PRC. The LTD this week is KC LOLB Dee Ford, a Speed Rusher Archetype, rocking 87 SPD, 90 ACC, 94 FMV, and 89 BSH. Offensive hero for this week is Colts legend Reggie Wayne (btw, how good was that Colts offense with Manning, Edge, Wayne, and Harrison...woof). Wayne has 92 SPD, 91 SRR, 92 MRR, and 90 DRR. Defensive hero for the week is NYJ RE John Abraham. He is another Speed Rusher archetype with 89 SPD (at DE...rude), 93 ACC, 88 BSH, and 92 FMV. Check out all of todays TOTW players below!