TOTW Week 7

Ok, so again here are some things I think we learned from Week 7 of the NFL Slate

  1. Both the Broncos and Panthers were benefitted by soft early schedules and will struggle to hit .500
  2. Matt Stafford and Cooper Kupp may be the best duo in football right now
  3. Pete Carroll has been carried by Russ, not the other way around
  4. The Bengals are a legit contender

It is time for TOTW in Madden 22 and (no surprise) that Cooper Kupp is the POTW. I thought we might get Jamarr Chase or Mike Evans POTW, but Kupp gets a needed upgrade. He has stock 90 SPD, 93 CTH, and 92 SRR to run those crisp zig routes we have all been running. The LTD for this week is Chase Edmonds from the undefeated Arizona Cardinals. Edmonds has 93 SPD and 94 ACC along with 92 COD. The offensive hero brings back a legend from the Dirty Birds, none other than Mr Roddy White. White has 92 SPD, 94 JMP, 92 CTH/CIT, and 90 DRR. On the defensive side of the ball, we get former Bears defensive tackle Jay Ratliff. Ratliff is a Power Rusher archetype rocking 92 STR, 92 BSH, and 93 PMV. Check out all of the TOTW players below and let me know who you are adding to the squad!