TOTW Week 4

The Saints are dead to me and so are the Raiders and we are never talking about those games again. Other than that, another fun week of NFL action and it is time to reward some of the top performers with a Team of the Week items. Let's first talk about our LTDs, as we once again have 2 items available for 24 hours. The GOAT Tom Brady gets one for passing Drew Brees' all time passing yards record. Brady has 91 THP, 93 SAC/MAC, 90 DAC, and 55 SPD (had to throw that in there). The regular LTD is Steelers RE Cameron Hayward, with 94 STR, 93 BSH, and 93 PMV. The POTW, coming off a 2 INT game for the Cowboys, is CB Trevon Diggs. Diggs has 91 SPD, 92 ACC, 92 MCV, and 93 JMP. The throwback offensive hero this week is Chargers legend Antonio Gates. Gates is a Possession TE with 87 SPD, 90 SRR, and 90 CTH. On the defensive side we throwback to Broncos CB Deltha O'Neal. O'Neal is rocking 91 SPD, 92 ACC, 89 MCV, and 92 ZCV for this Zone archetype CB. Check out the full list of players below!

TOTW Week 3