TOTW Week 3

Another fantastic week of NFL football. Here's what I think we learned:

  1. Kickers are people too and they absolutely ROCK
  2. The Rams and Matt Stafford are for real
  3. The rookie QBs this year are...struggling early
  4. Urban Meyer thought he was playing Purdue every week when he took the NFL job

Anyways, it's time for Team of the Week items. No surprise that the Player of the Week is Bills QB Josh Allen. He absolutely went off on the "vaunted" WFT defense for 358 passing yards and 5 total touchdowns. Allen may be the best QB in the game, rocking 91 THP, 93 RUN, and 89 DAC with 83 SPD. The LTD this week is Shaquil Barrett of the Bucs, rocking 85 SPD, 88 BSH, and 93 FMV as a Speed Rusher archetype LOLB. The offensive hero is former Miami Dolphin HB Ronnie Brown, with 90 SPD, 91 ACC, 91 AGI, and 91 COD (Dolphins TT winner right here). The defensive hero is former Patriots stahlwart Teddy Bruschi. He is a Field General MLB with 88 SPD, 90 ACC, 90 PRC, and 89 BSH. Last but not least, how about a second LTD in the man with the biggest leg in football Justin Tucker. Coming off an NFL record 66 yd FG to beat the Lions (Lions fans...I'm so sorry. I'm here if you need a hug) Tucker has 93 KPW and 88 KAC. Check out the full list of players below and let me know who you are adding to the squad!

TOTW Week 3