TOTW Week 11

Give me a T.....Give me an O.....Give me...You get it it's TOTW time again. Another weird week in the NFL. Are there any great teams this year or are there a lot of good teams with fatal flaws?

Nonetheless, you know who is really good? Jonathan Taylor, who for the second time this year is your Player of the Week. Taylor, off his 5 TD performance, gets 93 SPD, 92 ACC, 93 AGI, and 93 COD (or +1 ratings boost if you already have the item). The LTD this week is the Spike man himself, Robert Gronkowskerus. Gronk has 89 SPD, 93 CTH, 94 SPC, 95 CIT, and 99 SPIKE. The offensive hero this week is Jags great Jimmy Smith at WR. Smith is a Deep Threat archetype with 93 SPD, 94 DRR, 92 CTH, and 91 SPC. Defensively, we get the beast from the 305 Mr. Jason Taylor. Taylor is a Run Stopping RE with 88 SPD, 94 PRC, 92 BSH, and 93 FMV. Are any of these players making your squad? Let me know in the comments and check out the full release of players below!