Team Masters

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jack Nicklaus...the list goes on and on of people who know how important it is to participate in The Masters. Now, with32 Team Masters added to Madden Ultimate Team on this BEEEEEEYOOOTIFUL Friday morning, I imagine we all know the importance as well (green jacket not included). Team Masters are live in the game, one for every NFL team so you can boost whatever TT you are running. Here are the players/teams they are representing:



set master.jpg

  • Exchange 1x 98 OVR Team Diamond, 1x 95 OVR Team Builder, 1x 92 OVR Team Builder, and 1x 91 OVR Team Builder from the respective Master's NFL team to earn your 99 OVR Team Master and a NAT version of the 98 OVR Team Diamond player used in the set.